Life, the way I see it

I feel there are some unwritten rules about how we as people have to live our lives,  for example a person has to go to school from early age till he finish university even if he feels he cannot, then he is expected to have a job. If a person did not get the chance to live his own life in that way ( a way most people live their lives by) then others may  think there should be something wrong with him or his life, that idea may let the others think they have the right to decide how he lives his own life and it may let him feel he is living in jail.

I truly think it is unfair! 

I think each person should be able to live his life in the way he thinks its suitable for himself if it is not controlling or harming other people’s lives. Life should be an adventure with some planing involve. Each person should feel he is free to do anything he wants  n life, such as if  he wants to study, work, be a writer or anything else, he should decide for himself, not other people.

I think each person is free when he was born, there is no reason to put him in exceptions since he was born till the day he dies. Freedom should be in every part of a person’s life in order to be truly free.  My thought is whenever a person does or decide he do a certain behaviour muse to please other people, that means he is not free. A person’s success in his life should only be decided based on his own ideas and feelings by himself.


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