Inhale hope, exhale sad thoughts

Most people have annoying thoughts that can across their mind. Each person should find his way to let him feel he has a few annoying times. A person could link or put together in his mind some ideas that allow him to be happier.

When a person combine the facts and his imagination he might be happier, such as if a person thinks or imagined in each time he breathes, inhales hope as air spread around his lungs and each time he exhaled, he gets rid of any sad, hopeless ideas he will be happier in every second he breathes. There are many ways a person may use to feel happier, it depends on the person’s personality.

Usually, a person has the power to control his own feelings such as happiness and sadness. Each person has his own way of letting himself feel happy. A person should always search for it if he did not know it.

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