In his own world

In life, there are many reasons could force a person to always live in his imagination, such as a person imagines something specific he really want. He keeps imagining it all of his day that he cannot do anything in real life. Imagination is good for a person’s life,his gaols but sometimes if a person just imagine things all day and do not do any effort in real life, this kind of imagination could prevent him to live his real life.

A person sometimes needs to imagine his problem as a story and has the ending he like or the ending he feels it suites himself to prevents himself from feeling sad, angry or depressed all of the times. Imagination may let a person feel better for a while or days but he or she should do his best in real life to reach his imaginations. When a person do not live in real life, he won’t be able to do the things he wants.

Imagination can be the escape door a person uses to get far from his worries and saddens. There are sometimes a person may feel sad because he one day will realise he had lived his days just in his imagination. If a person just imagine things all the times, he becomes a prisoner of his thoughts and one day he will realize the things he felt he did or went through did not real happen in the real life, this situation might let a person feel very depressed. 

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