Immortaliting a person by a mistake

Most people usually do not realize that when they talk about any other person in a good or a bad way, they immortalize his memory or appearance, at least for the few seconds he talks about him in. A person should choose wisely if he wants to talk about a specific person or not because if he did talk about him, he will let himself remember that person with emotions and will let others remember him or know his name. Usually, if a person felt his feelings were hurt by a specific person he does not like to hear his name and do not want anyone to meet him.

When a bad or a sad thing happened to a person and he solves the problem, he should move on with his life. Whenever a person talks or repeats any situation he is actually immortalized it, even without him knowing since he repeats the same subject. A person should always try to just immortalize his happy moments in life.

Most of the times when some people hurt a person’s feelings really deeply he starts to talk about them and the thing they did to him. By that attitude, a person sometimes immortalizes that person’s name even if he talked about his bad behaviors. A person should prevent himself from talking about anyone he does not want his name to be heard.


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