Imagination Before

Before the inventions of anything a person needs his vision to use them such as televisions and other things, most people can imagine things and are creative. In the past, most people know how to create new stories and tell them to others or the younger generations as a bedtime story. In those days people really had a social life and they have a good imagination. Sadly, these days people do not know how to imagine stuff or a person do not sits in his or her room and just imagine things happening, it is similar when a person dreams.

In the past, people used to sit for hours thinking while they imagine things as if they go to another world of their own thoughts.  The more a person gets time to think about different things without using his visions is the better his imaginations will be. Usually, a person’s imagination is related to his real life and his wishes, at least in the first few moments of his imaginations then it might get into something else.

A person needs to prevent himself from getting too attached to any kind of technology. Technology has its own benefits but it also has some bad points, like everything else in life. If a person really wants to live his life, every second of it he or she needs to physically go to others and talk to them. Most of the times technology let a person be anti-social by letting him think he has a social life because he has social applications on his mobile but in reality, he is just sitting in one place, such as his room.  A person should not be considered a social person if he did not physically or in real life go to the other person and talk to him.

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