Healthy life

Most people think a healthy life or a healthy living means a person needs to be very thin. The truth is a healthy life means a person has something from everything, such as a person’s daily schedule should have exercise, healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. A person’s healthy life does not only concentrates on a person’s food and health.

A person’s healthy life, has two meanings, the first meaning: a person’s body from outside and inside. The second meaning: a person’s feelings. There are some people do not think their emotions or feelings are important such as if they were sad or unhappy for a while (days) they do not try to solve the real problem and try to hide their emotions.

A healthy life means a person daily schedule has everything or he can do most of the things he wants in just one day. A healthy life also means a life contains lots of love feelings. A healthy life means life, a person can truly balance or equally do the things he wants and needs to do in one day.

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