Happy Hour

In these days most people have a busy daily schedule. A busy day does not always mean a person has physical work needs to do, it also means a person has lots of thoughts in his mind or he is thinking deeply in a specific subject. When a person is busy in his or her whole day, he needs to have some happy hours or at least one happy hour. A happy hour means a person do the things he really enjoys and it should prevent her or him from thinking of complicated, very hard to solve problems, situations or anything that lets her or him feel angry.

There are some people who get nerves and angry for small reasons, such as things happen in work, home or any place else. Most of the times people who can easily be nerves needs to have at least one hour per day just to do the things they really enjoy. The busier a person is, the more frequently happy hour she or he needs in his or her day.

Happy hours mean a person tries to prevent his thoughts and himself to live in his problems, other people’s problems and other things that annoy him. A person should do this most of his days but in reality, a person usually cannot prevent himself from living in real life with others.





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