Happy Environment


Most of the times a person’s happiness comes from inside of him but there are some other times a person needs to do other things to feel happy. A person could let his day full of happiness to feel he or she is happy but sadly this kind of happiness is temporary. He or she should always try to prevent herself or himself from seeing, hearing anything that cause her or him feel uncomfortable feelings.

A person should not wait for others to create her or his happiness. Each person has his or her own ideas or ways to have happiness in his or her life. Usually a person will think of the things he see or hear, such as if a person heard or saw people fighting and angry, he will be angry too. If a person wants to have a relaxing day he or she should prevent himself or herself from seeing or hearing anything that has anger feelings.

Each person should try to create the environment he or she feels happy with. Every person is responsible for his or her own feelings or happiness. He or she should daily try to do the things she or he enjoys the most.

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