Grow up in mind but stay young

There are some people think growing up or when they reach certain age, they need to behave by certain ways. Some people think they must have less fun in life than before since they are order than before. Those ideas are not right because it limits a person’s freedom, his ideas and happiness in life.

Growing up means a person know how to estimate which behaviour he can, should do in a certain situation. A grown up does not mean a person should not have fun in his life. He should have fun in any age. A person should stay young from inside ( his feelings and thoughts about himself ) but deals with life with a grown up way of thinking.

A person’s way of thinking about life and his behaviours towards his problems shows if he is really a grown up  person or not. Growing up means a person could forgive others for most of the things  ( little things.) Each person needs to have fun in his life, it mean a person should not live his life seriously.

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