The most important thing in any relationships is being honest. Friendship can be between family members or not a family member.  Friendship means two or more people feel they have some things in common and they really have some things and ideas in common, this does not mean friends should be exactly the same as each other. Friends can be very close to each other as best friends or just friends.

Friends does not mean, both friends always know each other’s daily schedule or the things each individual is doing. Friends means two or more people really care about each other, help each other in all times and make sure each individual feel happy.

Friendship can be in may kinds. There is friendship between two or more people who are not relatives, or they can be relatives, such as workers who work for hours together in the same place.  There are two levels in the friendship scale. The first level is, a person who is  just friends with another person, they do not  have real secrets between each other. The second level is, best friends. Usually best friends have many secrets between each other. The closer they feel they are to each other the deeper secrets they will talk about.

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