Freedom should be very important for every person  because it gives a person to do anything he wants in the place and time he wants to do it in. There is one rule a person should obey, a person should never harm others and himself, emotionally and physically. There are many types of freedom. There is freedom of speech, religious freedom and personal freedom.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is very important because it can lead to other kinds of freedom. The freedom of speech allows a person to express himself freely. The freedom of speech means a person is allowed to share with others  his ideas, opinions and believes.

Religious freedom 

Religious freedom is very important too. It means a person can choose his religion and if he wants to show his religious believes or not. Religious freedom means no one have the right to force another person to believe in the same religion as him.

Personal freedom 

Personal freedom means a person is free to do different things life, behaviours, where a person want to be and he can  be in the place in the time he wants to be in. A person can to wear any kinds of cloths he wants in anytime and in any place he goes to.

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