Food is important for a person. It is important as water. People need to eat food to get energy. Some people have hard times to stop eating if they started. Usually those people get fat.

A person should just eat if he is hungry and stop when he feels he is full, if he do not want to be fat. He should use food as an energy source. There are many kinds of delicious food in the world a person can choose from. Each person can create new recipes.

Cooking or making different kinds of food is easy these days. Most people cannot cook. These days there are some food that are half-baked ( you need to bake again or heat ) to eat it. A person can do for himself quick – cooking foods such as soups and cakes. Off-course it is better for a person if he can cook without the help of the quick-cooking foods. Most people who know who to cook some recipes can be independent more than others in some parts their lives.




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