Focus on yourself

A person should focus on himself, not others and how fast they had reached their goals. Each person should have his own speed. In my opinion a person should always try to improve himself in all aspects in his life.

I think if a person is trying to improve himself, he will not be ceriouse about other people’s life, gossip or anything that dose not adds good, ideas in his life. From few days I felt I am a sort of a bad person. I spend most of my day doing short term happiness things such as playing games on my mobile even when I need to do other things such as exercising.

Few days ago I thought of an idea that really helped my, in my oppinion.

The thought is:

If I will do anything that will take time in my day ( hours) I ask my self two questions: Will it improve my life in any way ? Am I enjoying it? 

If the answer is yes to the first question than I continue doing it even if I am not enjoying doing that task but I will most likely will like the results.

If the answer is no to the second question and I won’t benefit from that thing I am doing, in the future then I stop doing it and go do another thing that will benefits me in my future. I found those two questions helped me to be more productive and healther too.

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