Feelings Not Working

Most of the times when a person gets disappointed or rejected on any life things for a while, (years) he might begin to lose interest in life! Almost all of the times when a person does not get the things he wants, he will be sad or disappointed. When a person get disappointed from other people or he has plans for his life but they were not successful, he will start to lose the feelings that let him always be excited about starting his day.

Usually if a person always get disappointed, he will start to build walls instead of bridges to hide or protect his or her feelings from getting hurt again. Most of the times when he or she losses fun in life, she or he will start to see everything in life is the same (emotionally.) That means a person won’t feel real excitement or deep sadness in any part of her or his life.

Most of the times if a person desperately wants a specific thing in his life, he or she might not have anything important to him or her  in life  but the thing she or he wants most. A person should always try to see the good or happy moments in life to be happy and ignore or deletes the disappointments moments in his life but he or she should not deletes the lessons he or she had learned from the disappointments moments (time.)

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