Not By Time, By Behaviours

Some people say time heals everything, others say every situation ( bad things or problems) will change if the person who has the problem waits. These ideas are not true. If a person wants to change a specific situation or a  thing in his life, he should work towards it. A person who wants a specific thing should never wait without doing anything if he wants a specific thing to happen in his life. When a person wants a specific thing in his life or he wants to reach his goal, he should work towards it.

Usually, people with weak personality and people who are afraid of changes in their lives cannot get out of their problems easily. Most of the times solving any problem needs a person who has a strong personality no matter how small the problem was. Off course the bigger the problem is, it needs a  stronger personality to solve.

Any situation or a problem a person has could be solved or changed if the person changes the way he responds to it or his behaviors towards it. When time passes on any problem it either allows it to be more complicated or it stays the same. Only actions can really change any situation or solve a problem.

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