Do you really feel you are free?

Freedom is very important topic in life. I think most people think freedom is just when it comes with a person’s safety such as a person can’t do a specific behaviour or he will be in trouble or freedom of speech.  I have another idea.

I think once a person does anything or behaviour just for his appearance or just to impress others then it means he is not free,  such as if a women shaves her  body hair just for others to see her without it, not because she really likes her legs this way then it means she is not free because she is doing this behaviour just to impress other people and not herself. ( This applies to males and females ) A person’s freedom is not just about the physical things, it’s about a person’s ideas too.

Freedom means a person dose not feel he has to obey a certain way of living. Freedom, most of the times is a feeling.



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