Do you behave in social media as would you behave in real life ?

I recently noticed some people’s social media do not represent their life. I know it do not have to but I think pretending to be someone else all the day is exhausting, the thing I recently noticed and it took me by surprise, I needed some days to reflect or think about it before I write about in in the blog.

I notice some people behave in a certain way in the real life but they act the opposite on social media, on their personal accounts. I do understand that some people like to create or draw a certain personality, in front of others in real life and on social media to get certain amount of respect but I think it is over used. For example there are some people are understanding in conversations and accept to listen to the other and opposite opinion on social media places but when they are confronted in real life, they behave the opposite. I think that behavior is really ridiculous.

Here are some questions for you to help you discover the answers:

1.Are you showing the truth to others ?

  1. Dose your social media accounts show the real you or the words and photos, pictures and videos you post are they just there to show others a “fake, improved version of yourself?

I do see the reasons when business accounts behave in that way and I think they have too. What I am writing about here is not business accounts. I meant is personal accounts. I think since the account is for personal use, it at least show the TRUE and positive sides of a person’s life if he, she wants to but it should be true. Such as if a person always say in videos and writes about forgiving others he, she should apply that idea in his/her real life, if a person did not do the things or ideas that it is in the accounts, it most likely means that person is not real to himself and his followers!

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