Chose your clothes wisely

There are some people like themselves or their cloths always to be in fashion. They do not really care if this kind of clothes style is not for them or it does not have their style. A person should not always have the most fashioned cloths or the most sold cloth should suites you. Every person should have his own wearing cloths way. A person should wear clothes that he can be ready for anything and nice, not casual cloths.

Most of the times a person’s cloths shows some of his feelings, emotions and some thoughts about life. A person should not always buy new cloths all the time, he should wear them too. He should not just buy and wear some cloths because his family members or friends like them. There are new kinds of cloths every months or day, a person should choose wisely the kind of cloths he or she wants to appear in them in front of others.

A person should wear the things he feels it is comfortable and let him feel happy to wear them. When a person really liked his clothes, it means he might be happy in every times he wears them in public. Most of the times when a person wears something he really like he will be happy

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