Planing a new you

Hope:   A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong. Expectations:   Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events […]

انت بادر أولا

،‪ في الأونه الأخيره لاحظت غالبا الناس يظهرون ردود افعالهم اكثر من ان هم يبادرون و كأن يجب على الجميع ان لا يبادرون بطرح افكارهم، أو ممنوع عليهم ان يبادرون لكن يجب عليهم ان يظهرون للاخرين ردود افعالهم اتجاه مواضيع مختلفة . عندما يبادرالشخص  بطرح افكارة ، فهو يضيف تنوع جديد من الأحاديث و الواضيع المتنوعة […]

Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, […]

تضيع الوقت

الوقت شيئ ثمين و يجب ان يكون مهم جدا لكل انسان لأن اذا الثانية الواحدة ضاعت من عمر الانسان فانه لا يستطيع استرجاعها . حياة الانسان مجموع من السنين و الايام و الساعات و الدقائق و الثواني التي يعيشها الانسان، فيجب عليه ان لا يضيع وقته، ايامه لا يفعل شيئ ذات قيمة بالنسبة له. عندما […]

Organizing from watching others

Watching organizing the place videos on YouTube, made me make my place more organized. I watch a lot of them and there are three channels that changed me. I always had an idea: my place represents my feelings and thoughts. My ideas and the way of thinking shows in the room or in the place […]

How did It start?

I love writing very much. I always write down on paper everything, thoughts and feelings even before there was the idea of social media accounts. Then my father told me about Twitter then I created an account for me there. I started to put tweets there and some of them were long tweets ( they […]

Focus on yourself

A person should focus on himself, not others and how fast they had reached their goals. Each person should have his own speed. In my opinion, a person should always try to improve himself in all aspects of his life. I think if a person is trying to improve himself, he will not be curious […]

Add your personality, make a difference

It is a beautiful and satisfying feeling to have when you added something good to the world. It can be anything that is not harmful to others such as it can be writing a good, helpful article, book or an art-related such as taking photos or drawing and displaying them to others. By creating something […]

My inspiration room experience

I always had an idea that my room is like my whole world because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done. I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it […]

The night of discoveries

I was about to watch a television series that I love than the reality became very visible to my eyes  and I just sat on the ground for few minutes (I want to watch the series to pass the time till I get sleepy then I realised I am always doing things just to pass […]

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