My inspiration room experience

I always  had an idea that  my room is like my whole world, because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done.

I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it a little. I did not do as they said ( make an inspiring board ) On 8 October 2018 I had printed quotes from the internet, in Arabic and English languages, since I know both,  to encourage me to do different stuff and  have hope, happiness. I had pasted them all over room’s walls. They are from famous arabic and english writers, some quotes were from kids movies and there are some quotes from television series that I love, they could be in any category you like.

Since 11 october , because I am reading the quotes regularly when I enter my room I feel hope and happiness and most of the times I have creative thoughts such as writing a new article or better ways to improve my life.

I think the messages that I get from the inspiration quotes on my room walls help me unconsciously to let my brain to think according to the messages that  I had printed and even if the world or my life had sad news, it did not really effect my deep feelings because I know whenever I go to my place I can just read the inspiring quotes on the walls.

I had put separate kind of quotes on different walls, it depends where do I stare usually and at what time of the day I sit in that place, such as under the window ( I usually open the curtains in the morning I have quotes about starting a new day. On the wall behind my desk are paragraph about writing , goals, hard work and not giving up and beside the rom door is about focusing on new opportunities.

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The night of discoveries

I was about to watch a television series that I love than the reality became very visible to my eyes  and I just sat on the ground for few minutes (I want to watch the series to pass the time till I get sleepy then I realised I am always doing things just to pass the time and not being productive, not trying to change my life or the things I really hate about it and that fact really scared me, because I always talk with others and I think that I do almost all of the things that I need to do or want to do but in reality I did not behave toward my dreams or at least one of my goals.

From the next day I changed, I started to work at least about fifteen minutes a day  on one post or work that in my opinion it has good effect on other people. I think a person should always has the power to change his life even if there are certain things that happened in the past and they effected his present and future. In the past I used to always ask myself (who are you?) I took that idea from my favorite t.v series that I loved when I was a teenager and I still do, it has real life lessons that could be applied to ours in  these days. Recently I forgot about that thought. It is really  helpful to know your thoughts and rethink them after a while to see if they are still correct or do they still make sense for yourself.

The days are made from seconds, the seconds are added together to become minutes, when the minutes are added together they will be hours and when the hours are added together, they will be days and when the days are added together they will be one whole year, At the end of they day if a person wasted some seconds from his life on doing something he do not like or hate or he is not being productive at all and just do things just to pass the time till he sleeps such as watching tv shows that not educational nor he is having fun watching them then he is just watching tv to pass the time. Eventually he will live his whole life on short-term pleasures.

There is nothing wrong in having fun in life, In fact having fun is one of the most important things in any person’s life. Happiness of a person should never be associated with laziness. Most of the times laziness brings sadness to a person’s life in my opinion.

  • A person’s productivity is not always associated with money.
  • There is no harm done if a person does not feel the need to add something to the world or at least his life.
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تعلمت من المباريات

انا دائما احب ان اشاهد المباريات مع ابي و بعد فتره من الزمن لاحظت بعض الاسباب التي تجعلني اشاهد المباريات بغض النظر اذا كانت المبارات قوية من ناحية لعب الفريقين ام لا و لكن طبعا اذا لعب الفريقين قوي و محترف و المبارات فيها احتمال تسجيل اهداف ، تكون المشاهده ممتعه اكثر . تعلمت من مباريات كرة القدم دروس او افكار ممكن ان تطبق في الواقع .

١. المباريات تثبت ان المشجعين لهم تأثير على السعى نحو الهدف فلا تحبط امال الناس

(تعليقات الناس ان كان اجابيا او سلبيا ممكن ان يوثر على اداء الانسان الذي يتلقى التعليق .)

٢. استغلال الفرص قد يوصلك لهدفك

اذا الانسان استغل الفرصه المناسبه له للوصول لهدفه بالطريقه التي يرغب فيها ، سيكون الاحتمال اكبر ان يصل لهدفه مثال علي ذلك اذا الهداف يريد ان يسجل هدف في المرمى يجب عليه ان يستغل الفرص لكي يصل الى المكان المناسب لتسجيل الهدف و ذلك يتطلب تركيز و تخطيط ، هذه الطريقه ، التركيز و التخطيط ممكن ان تطبق على حياة اي انسان بغض النظر ان كان يعمل في المجال الرياضي ام لا ، التركيز على الهدف و التخطيط و السعي للوصول له سيزيد في احتمالية وصول الانسان لرغباته او اهدافه في الحياة

. ٣. كل فعل يؤديه الانسان سيوصله لنتيجة

مثال على ذالك؛ إذا اللاعب يريد ان يسجل هدف في المرمى ، عليه اولا ان ينزل الى الملعب و لا يكون جالس على الكرسي لاعبي الاحتياط.

٤. ابذل قصارى جهدك للوصول لهدفك و التوفيق من الله.

اللاعب يجب ان يؤدى قصارى جهده في الملعب ليتأهل فريقه بغض النظر عن النتيجه النهائيه و هذه الحاله تنطبق على حياة اي انسان بغض النظر اذا هو كان لاعب كرة قدم او في الحياة خارج الملعب.

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قيمة الانسان

من الممتع محاولة إضافة شيء ما إلى العالم ، ليس بالضرورة أن يكون شيئًا كبيرًا. الإنتاجية ممكن ان تكون في الأشياء الصغيرة و لها نتائج كبيرة، مثل كتابة مقال او فكره و مشاركتها مع اناس اخرين . من الجيد أن يحاول الانسان إضافة شيء مفيد وليس ضارًا بالعالم.

في معظم الأوقات عندما يقوم شخص ما بعمل شيء له قيمة مثل إكمال المهمة التي يحتاجها أو يريد أن ينهيها في فترة من الوقت لكنه لم يفعل لاي سبب كان، هذه الشيئ يجلب له السعادة و احساس بالقوه لأنه حقق هدفه أو مهمته. أعتقد أنه بما أن الانسان على قيد الحياة ولديه القدرة على القيام بأشياء مختلفة في الحياة ، فعليه أن يحاول بجعل العالم مكانًا أفضل للعيش فيه  .حتى لو حاول فقط تحسين حياته

ليس بالضروره ان يكون نجاح الانسان يقيم من خلال دراسته او وظيفته ولكن نجاحه في رآيي ان يترك اثر جميل و له قيمه اينما ذهب و بكل نواحي الحياة كالتعامل مع الناس او طرح فكره  جديده مفيده للاخرين و لنفسه ، غالبا قيمة او اهمية الانسان تقيم من خلال ما يفعله للاخرين ان كان في مجال الدراسه او الوضيفه او التعامل مع الاخرين بشكل عام.

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Inspiration Schedule

There are some days a person may feel  he do not want to do anything that has hard work or it takes long time to finish but whenever a person starts to be lazy, he won’t finish any big tasks. Each person needs a unique way to get in working, productive mode. I want to share with you the way that I feel it bests suites me:

I make a daily schedule on my phone  to help me be inspired or more productive and I write to do list usually in the morning ( when I wake up ) or before I go to sleep. I found this helpful tip on a video in the internet. After I get my breakfast I try to finish my to-do list for the day.

Here is an example of how the schedule could be like:

1. Be creative

2. Check blog post 

3. Exercise

4. Go to take  photos

5. Read something important, new and inspiring

6. Mind and body care

Its fine even if I did not finish all the tasks that I had put but at least I did some of them till the end of the day. I think I saw another video on the web the idea was I give myself points at the end of the day as I finish each task. ( I really liked that idea, I want to try it soon. )


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An environment for successful life

Most of the times when new technology device is in shops, people buy it, just because it is new, not because they need it such as how most people listen to music. Each person should make  an environment that best suites him, even if most people see it as wrong or old ways to do certain tasks if it helps him get creative.

A person should learn new things in his life in any topic but he still should live his life ( privet and social ) in the way he like as long as he is NOT harming others and their feelings intentionally. Creating or finding the best environment for a person to keep being productive is not always easy but it is worth the time for  a person to find a suitable way to help him be more motivated in life and productive.

The main differences between a child and a grownup are responsibility and productivity. It does not always have to do or connected to profit. Being productive mainly means for me is to try to add good things in the world or change the bad things in life or at least in my circle of family, friends and any person I can make his life better or at least one day better in his life.

I always thought I was not addictive to my phone till recently because I took a while not writing on this website and other productive things I used to do. When I saw some videos on the internet about being productive, they helped me a lot from the first day I used them.

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