You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier.

Each person no matter where he is or whats are his thoughts and believes, if he is surrounding himself with negative conversations then he will feel sadness or nerves. I am not  saying a person should avoid being with others all the times, but the hours a persons spends in the day are hours that are part of his life, as an example  if he wasted hours in his day he is not being productive nor having fun then he is really wasting times (years) of his life

No matter how busy a person is, he, she should always take some few hours a day to take care of himself by himself only. I usually take some time to myself during the day but I really love taking quality time for myself, few hours before I sleep. It helps me to take care of me self ( my ideas and physically ) In that time I release or let go of all the negative ideas and try to improve myself mentally.  I feel a person is mentally improving means, a person improve or at least try to improve his life style, he/she feel loved and a person is enjoying his own company.

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Bed-time story

Most parents in the past tell or read stories for their kids just before they sleep it is usually called a bed — time story. There are some people do not think its is important for their kids but it is important. Usually when parents tell or read stories to their children they create a special relationship between themselves and their kids.

The bedtime stories are special because they are the last thing a person usually do or hear before he sleeps. This is the reason a person should hear or read happy stories. Not all people really know how to tell others a story in a good way. A person should be good at telling bed times stories to tell them.

Usually if a person do not know the way, the story he is telling or reading will be boring.
Stories may help a person to use his imagination more that he uses his vision to play. Bed time( night-sleep ) stories are really important, it is not just about the story. It is important because parents can be with their kids and share something between them.

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Love and love to own

Some people think love and love to own something or have the power over someone are one thing or have the same meaning . This is a mistake, some people do. They have the opposite meanings. Love means: A person wants a specific person to be happy in a place at anytime and that person’s happiness is his happiness too. Love to own or control means: A person wants someone to be with him, even if by force just to let that person to do the things he wants to do and most of the times he does not treat him as a human with feelings, he treats him more as if that person was his servants but without giving them money or anything.

A person should not allow and try to prevent anyone to take advantage of him. Usually when a person just wants to have a relationship with a specific person, it is just because he is being with another person and not with him, or his attention is not with that person. Usually a person who love to own different things such as if they like a certain person they do not allow him to speak or sit with others because they think he belongs to them, similar to when a person have a toothbrush, he does not allow anyone to uses it but at least he has some real excuses for the toothbrush.

Usually a person does not like to be with anyone who always tries to control him just because he thinks he is one of his personal things. Love does not mean controlling a person’s behaviours. It means a person wants a certain person to be happy at all times and in any circumstances as long as that person does not have any problems. Love means letting a person be free to go while hoping he will stay forever.

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The real meaning

Did you ever thought what does ( I love you ) phrase really means? These words are very special when they are spoken or written, especially if they were from a special person because they let the receiver feel happy. It lets a person be in a good mood because it tells him, he is accepted as he is by a specific person.

When a person says “I love you” to a specific person, it really means he accepts the other person as she or he is, without trying to change him and he always feels he wants her or him to be beside him all of the time. It also means a person accepts the other person as he is and he feels that the person is his other half, it also means a person’s heart and thoughts are with the other person. (This only happens between men and women.) A person does not need to say “I love you” phrase to let the other person know, he could tell he loves that specific person by his behaviors. Usually, behaviors are stronger than words.

Love is a beautiful feeling but since it is a feeling, it means people cannot look directly at it. Some people may use it as an excuse to do anything they want, even if the things they want to do harm others. This is the reason many people, women, and men doubt when a person ( if from the other type) said it to them.

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Stuffed toys and safe feelings

Stuffed toys could be seen almost in any place. People from different ages and culture have different knowledge uses stuffed toys. Most of the times stuffed toys helps a person to express his feelings.

Most people think toys, stuffed animals are only for babies. That means teenagers and grown-ups do not use them. Stuffed toys could be used by any person at any age. Most of the times stuffed animals, toys are mostly used when a person wants to sleep. Usually,y people get more emotional at night that is the reason people want or needs stuffed toys to hug if they do not have another person they sleep with and hug while they are sleeping.

Usually, people who do not feel safe or they feel insecure, they also feel they need a hug to feel everything went wrong in that day will be right in the second day even if they knew this idea is not true. There are sometimes a person makes believe he and the stuffed toy have feelings to each other. Most of the time that kind of makes believe will let a person really feel that there is a connection and he or she will start to have emotions for that stuffed toy. Most of the times people hug pillows and stuffed toys to replace them with people they want to be with but they cannot. Most of the times stuffed toys symbolizes a person misses a certain person, such as his love for life, a family member he is used to sleeping with .

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Love from first sight

Love is rare. Some people believe in love from first sight, others do not. Love does not have to be two people feel the same feeling, it could be one person feels he is attracted or attached to a specific person but that person does not have the same feelings towards him.

In life, love and relationships are not like the ones in the movies. Love for people is like water to a flower. A flower can live in a vase for days but then it will die and have a bad smell, I mean love could always feel new if two people cared about it and each other but if they BOTH treated (love) like it is not an important thing, it may die. This does not mean all on-going relationships starts with a love story. There are a lot of on-going marriages, each partner is happy with the others but they did not have any love story before they were married.

Love means a person feels his heart is with another person. It also means a person’s thoughts are always or most of the times about a specific person. Most of the times love lets a person be kinder when he communicates with others. There are some people may love a specific person from first sight.

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Teenagers and love

Most of the times when a person is a teenager his or her emotions forces her or him or lets him or her to do different behaviors. Usually, teenagers have tough times understanding themselves, boys and girls. This is why most teenagers can easily be nerves or angry. Usually, teenagers quickly judge others, such as if a person likes something specific about another person then this means for him or her, that feelings mean to to love and wants to live with him or her for the rest of her or his life.

Usually a teenager, a male or female can quickly be attracted and not attracted to a person. This does not mean a teenager will never find love in his life. There are sometimes a teenager may find her or his love. Love does mean have to be two people, men and women have feelings for each other. Love can be felt just by one person towards another person. Usually, it is hard for a teenager to know if the feelings she or he feels towards a specific person is a crush or love, this is why a teenager may have several crushes.

Teenagers usually do not have self-control. This is why usually teenagers do not control their emotions, feelings from showing. Usually, a teenager overreacts or his feelings control his thoughts and behaviors more than his ideas.

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كتابة الشعرشيء جميل جدا. الشعر مثل أي نوع من الكتابات، ليس كل الناس  تتمكن من كتابتها. عادة الناس تكتب الشعر للتعبير عن مشاعرها. غاالبا الناس الذين يكتبون الشعر يحبون الهدوء، ولا يحبون الاختلاط بالناس كثيرا.

هناك أنواع كثيرة من قصائد، كل انواع  الشعر تحتوي على المشاعر، مشاعر الكاتب ولهاذا السبب عادة الناس لا  يحبون مشاركتهم بقصائدهم مع الآخرين. عادة ما يكون الشخص الذي يكتب القصائد والأشعار لديه مشاعر حساسة. بعض الناس يكتب الشعر محاولة لتنشر  للآخرين  .بطرق مختلفة، مثل الأغاني. البعض الآخر يحب  مجرد كتابة الاشعار  والاحتفاظ بها لأنفسهم لانها قيمة

الشعر او المشاعر التي بالشعر يجب ان تكون صادقة. ْعندما تكون المشاعر صادقة ، تصبح كتابة الشعر او القصيدة سهلة جدا لان الكاتب او الشاعر يكتب مشاعرة بطريقة متناسقة لتكوين القصيدة او الشعر.

لمزيد من المعلومات ٬شعر_(أدب)

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The truth about love

Most people talk about love these days, love means a person feels attached to a specific person without any reason. Love is the most powerful feelings. People may be together as ( marriage ) because of their love to each other. Sadly, there are some people uses ( love ) as an excuse for their bad behaviours.

Love is beautiful but it is like anything else in life few behaviours from some people may change the meaning of love or the idea people should have about it. Love means being honest and loyal to a specific person and do not create any kind of problems for him or her. Real love feelings prevents or do not let himself  be the reason of their problems. Usually when a person loves a specific person, he treats him well and he treats other people slimmer to that person except for the love feelings part. That means if a person do not allow herself  to hurt her loved one’s feelings, she usually do not hurt other people’s feelings too.

The truth about love is it is feelings some people feel, it means not all people in the world have love in their life. Sadly most of the times when a person loves a specific person, that person does not have the same feelings towards him. Love does not always  mean two people like each other in the same way. Trust is the most important thing in love. Whenever a person do anything ( any behaviour ) that hurts his partners feelings deeply, it most of the times means the love feelings will be gone.

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Love and life

Love means a person feels he is attached to another person. Love can come in many types. There is a brother’s love, sister’s love father’s love mother’s love and a person who feels attached to another person and should be together such as marriage. All types of love are important but the most important thing is being honest in any kind of relationships.

Father’s Love 

Father’s love for his children, shows by protecting them and their feelings and supports them if they did not do anything harmful for others and themselves. Support does not only mean by money, for example, but it also shows by raising his children’s hopes and supports them to become better people to live their lives. Support does not always show by physical things such as money or gifts, it shows by emotional things.

Mother’s Love

Mother’s love for her family shows by preparing for them the things they need and supports them if they do not do anything harmful to others and themselves.  Mother’s love shows by the way she treats her kids if she was not thinking about the way she will look in front of others.

Brother’s Love

Brother’s love towards his family especially sisters is like father’s love. It shows by protecting them and their feelings. Sometimes brothers, a brother and a sister or two brothers or two sisters can be friends too.

Sister’s Love

Sister’s love is different from brother’s love. Sister’s love shows by caring about each other. Sister’s love is similar to friends love but more important relationships than friends.

Love a person

Most of the times when a person is in love with a specific person he will think about that person almost all of his time, his day and night. He will be happy if he thought about that special person even if he or she is not really with him or her in real life. This kind of love could be between strangers ( people who know some information about each other but they could not be a family member or sometimes it could between relatives too.

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