You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier. […]

Bed-time story

Most parents in the past tell or read stories for their kids just before they sleep it is usually called a bed — time story. There are some people do not think its is important for their kids but it is important. Usually when parents tell or read stories to their children they create a […]

Love and love to own

Some people think love and love to own something or have the power over someone are one thing or have the same meaning . This is a mistake, some people do. They have the opposite meanings. Love means: A person wants a specific person to be happy in a place at anytime and that person’s […]

The real meaning

Did you ever thought what does ( I love you ) phrase really means? These words are very special when they are spoken or written, especially if they were from a special person because they let the receiver feel happy. It lets a person be in a good mood because it tells him, he is […]

Stuffed toys and safe feelings

Stuffed toys could be seen almost in any place. People from different ages and culture have different knowledge uses stuffed toys. Most of the times stuffed toys helps a person to express his feelings. Most people think toys, stuffed animals are only for babies. That means teenagers and grown-ups do not use them. Stuffed toys […]

Love from first sight

Love is rare. Some people believe in love from first sight, others do not. Love does not have to be two people feel the same feeling, it could be one person feels he is attracted or attached to a specific person but that person does not have the same feelings towards him. In life, love […]

Teenagers and love

Most of the times when a person is a teenager his or her emotions forces her or him or lets him or her to do different behaviors. Usually, teenagers have tough times understanding themselves, boys and girls. This is why most teenagers can easily be nerves or angry. Usually, teenagers quickly judge others, such as […]


كتابة الشعرشيء جميل جدا. الشعر مثل أي نوع من الكتابات، ليس كل الناس  تتمكن من كتابتها. عادة الناس تكتب الشعر للتعبير عن مشاعرها. غاالبا الناس الذين يكتبون الشعر يحبون الهدوء، ولا يحبون الاختلاط بالناس كثيرا. هناك أنواع كثيرة من قصائد، كل انواع  الشعر تحتوي على المشاعر، مشاعر الكاتب ولهاذا السبب عادة الناس لا  يحبون مشاركتهم بقصائدهم مع الآخرين. عادة ما […]

The truth about love

Most people talk about love these days, love means a person feels attached to a specific person without any reason. Love is the most powerful feelings. People may be together as ( marriage ) because of their love to each other. Sadly, there are some people uses ( love ) as an excuse for their bad […]

Love and life

Love means a person feels he is attached to another person. Love can come in many types. There is a brother’s love, sister’s love father’s love mother’s love and a person who feels attached to another person and should be together such as marriage. All types of love are important but the most important thing […]

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