Have new adventures

Sometimes a person may feel boredom in his life and begins to think about making huge changes, things he cannot afford doing again in the next few years. It is true huge difference in a person’s life matter but also the little daily things matters even more, they really can make a difference in life. […]

كيفية إستغلال أوقات الفراغ

في بعض الأحيان الناس يقولون في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع لديهم خطط معينه ولكن عندما يحين الوقت، لا يفعلون أي شيء منها. أعتقد    لأن لديهم الكثير من الخطط فيشعرون كأنهم محاصرين من كل جانب، ولا يمكنهم فعل أي شيء.  في بعض الأحيان الإنسان ليس لديه أفكار عن كيفية إستمتاع بوقته بمفرده. سأذكر لكم بعض الطرق […]

Planing a new you

Hope:   A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong. Expectations:   Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events […]

Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, […]

تضيع الوقت

الوقت شيئ ثمين و يجب ان يكون مهم جدا لكل انسان لأن اذا الثانية الواحدة ضاعت من عمر الانسان فانه لا يستطيع استرجاعها . حياة الانسان مجموع من السنين و الايام و الساعات و الدقائق و الثواني التي يعيشها الانسان، فيجب عليه ان لا يضيع وقته، ايامه لا يفعل شيئ ذات قيمة بالنسبة له. عندما […]

Organizing from watching others

Watching organizing the place videos on YouTube, made me make my place more organized. I watch a lot of them and there are three channels that changed me. I always had an idea: my place represents my feelings and thoughts. My ideas and the way of thinking shows in the room or in the place […]

You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier. […]

A person’s privacy and secrets

I had noticed recently there are some people who do not know the difference between a secret and a person’s privacy. I do see their way of thinking, the difference is not a lot. A person’s privacy From the dictionary: The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people: […]

كأنه مشغول

في ناس في الدنيا تحب ان توهم الاخرين بانهم مشغولين او لديهم جدول اعمال مزدحم ضنا منهم ان الاخرين ستكون فكرتهم عنهم انهم اشخاص ذوو قيمة و لكن الحقيقه غير ذلك . من الجيد ان يكون للانسان اهداف و اعمال يوميه ولا بأس ان يعتذر عن مقابلة الاخرين بسبب انشغاله كالدراسة او ممارسة الرياضة مثلا […]

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