Have new adventures

Sometimes a person may feel boredom in his life and begins to think about making huge changes, things he cannot afford doing again in the next few years. It is true huge difference in a person’s life matter but also the little daily things matters even more, they really can make a difference in life.

I think most of the times when a person feels bored in his life, it is because its time to start discovering new things, new hobbies, skills he could even start learning new things he could apply in his life, carrier and even he may start his own business.

When a person learns new things, new skills and masters them, he could benefit from them and might have a new perspective. Trying new things gives a person new experiences and new things to have a conversation about. I think as a person experience new things, his conversations with others may change such as if he went to a new event he went to it this one time, he could tell others about it and they may be curios about it, specially if it was a happy event such as going to a football match for the first time.

Your life most likely won’t change if you do not try to do new things. Life is an adventure, you can make it  good, helpful or let the adventure destroys you. Learn new skills to change your life.

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كيفية إستغلال أوقات الفراغ

في بعض الأحيان الناس يقولون في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع لديهم خطط معينه ولكن عندما يحين الوقت، لا يفعلون أي شيء منها. أعتقد    لأن لديهم الكثير من الخطط فيشعرون كأنهم محاصرين من كل جانب، ولا يمكنهم فعل أي شيء.

 في بعض الأحيان الإنسان ليس لديه أفكار عن كيفية إستمتاع بوقته بمفرده. سأذكر لكم بعض الطرق لكم للإستفادة بوقت الفراغ

١. قضاء الوقت في شيئ مهم، كالجلوس مع العائله لوقت أطول من المعتاد

٢.  قراءة الكتب المهمه و التي كنت تتمنى قرائتها من قبل لكن لم تكن تملك الوقت الكافي

 ٣.  مشاهدة البرامج المفظله و المفيده و هناك عدة برامج علـى شبكة الإلكترونيه

٤. الإستماع الى برامج الكتب مثل الكتب الصوتيه أو برنامج يترجم و يلخص الكتب و هذا هو المفضل لدي

 ٥. قرائة مواضيع متنوعة في الجرائد أو في الالشبكة الإلكترونية

٦٠ إعادة قرآة كتب قد قريتها في الماضي البعيد

أو ممكن للشخص محاولة إكتشاف مواهبه و هواياته من جديد، فممكن يكتشف أشياء جديده عن نفسه كان لا يعرف عنها شيء مثل هواية  العزف على آلى مسيقية و ليس بالضرورة تكون الهوايه بحاجة الى انفاق الكثير من المال عليها  فهي موجودة لإسعاد الشخص بطريقة أو بأخرى.

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Most people like to fit in with others. I think this kind of behavior demolishes the uniqueness a person has and that is sad. I think whenever a person try to copy others in any way, he is wasting his time, I think most likely he does not know the impact he has.


There are certain things I noticed some people are behaving in, I have other ideas about them.

  • Complaining; I do not like it because most of the times it dose not  help solve the issue.  Complaining should only used if a person really wants/ needs to hear other useful opinions about a specific subject, not just to attract attention because it comes across as petty.
  • Be you, do not go after a goal just because most people did. Most of the times it is tough for a person to show others his real self but this dose not mean he/she do not be herself in front of others. I mean if a person is interested in something most people are not interested in, he should not feel ashamed or shy about it and he should never try to hide his true self just because he thinks in a different way than most people he knows 

Think of these ideas:

Why be simller to everyone else?

Work on yourself, improve yourself, in your own timeline not according to others


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Planing a new you


A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong.


Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events on your mind.

   Most of the times, at the beginning of every year people talk about the things they will do and that is a good thing, but I think they usually over estimates their abilities and that is the reason people usually get disappointed from themselves. I think people either over estimate their abilities or under estimate the length of one full year.

I think people, included me should be more realistic when planing their new year. If they did not change any behavior in the past year,most likely they won’t have drastic change in their lives, in one year. I am not suggesting people lose hope. I do not agree with that idea at all.

I think there is a difference between being realistic, having hope or just hopeless. Sadly most people merge the two meanings as one. I think it is great thing to have hope as long as a person do not mix hope with his expectations, especially about himself.

In my opinion, it  is a good thing to have hope about everything in life but I think a person needs to be realistic when planing the way of living for the new year. I like planing for long trim. I think when  a person  except too much from himself, he most likely will get disappointment. I think when a person is realistic with his planing, he plans what he really capable, to do in one year, he won’t be discourage or disappointment.

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Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, what I feel or think that is suitable in that moment.

I realized that act should be applied here. There are sometimes ( in the past years} I force myself to write daily in my blogs but for that reason the ideas or post I had wrote in those times weren’t successful or got attention because the ideas behind them weren’t good enough for me that is why I could not work on them, to post good quality articles. I love writing since I was a kid but there are sometimes I run out of ideas or sometimes I have a {writer block} that when I can’t write down any good quality  articles.

There are some writers that are able to write, publish good quality things daily and I think it is very good for them, but I realized when I force myself in writing I would not write something worth reading. I think writing is some kind of art  snd creativity and as most people know creativity is not something a person could force, its about expressing your true self.

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تضيع الوقت

الوقت شيئ ثمين و يجب ان يكون مهم جدا لكل انسان لأن اذا الثانية الواحدة ضاعت من عمر الانسان فانه لا يستطيع استرجاعها . حياة الانسان مجموع من السنين و الايام و الساعات و الدقائق و الثواني التي يعيشها الانسان، فيجب عليه ان لا يضيع وقته، ايامه لا يفعل شيئ ذات قيمة بالنسبة له.

عندما يتفكر الانسان في فكرة ( دقائق يومه هي التي تبني حياته ) بعدها لن يستطيع ان يسمح لنفسه ان يضيع وقته في اي موضوع لا يساعده ان يصل لهدفه.  غالبا عندما الانسان يتذمر بان يومه ممل و لديه وقت طويل لا يعمل شيء فيه، فانه غالبا يكون في الحقيقة لا يسعى لتحقيق اهدافه. عندما يكون الانسان في طريقه لتحقيق هدفه فهو غالبا لن يشعر بالضجر.

 (عند تضيع الوقت لو بضع ثواني ، في الحقيقة انت تضيع حياتك)

عندما اتذكر هذة الفكرة السابقه ، في الغالب اتوقف حالا عن تضيع وقتي . لكل انسان امنيات واهداف يريد ان يصل لها لكن لا يستطيع الوصول لها دون العمل او السعي لها.  الانسان يجب عليه معرفة كيفية ادارة يومه و مسؤلياته لكي يتمكن من تحقيقها دون الشعور بالتعب في بداية ان نصف الطريق و ثم الفتور من محاولة تحقيق الهدف

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Organizing from watching others

Watching organizing the place videos on YouTube, made me make my place more organized. I watch a lot of them and there are three channels that changed me.

I always had an idea: my place represents my feelings and thoughts.

My ideas and the way of thinking shows in the room or in the place that I live in, such as if a person has organized thoughts and he truly understands himself then the place he lives in, most likely will be organized. I recently discovered the opposite of this idea is true!

I took some of the tips that were helpful to me and applied them to my place. I always had some not organized place to for the small stuff that I have,need but then things changed:

I had organized my place, inside the cabinets and the things that on display.

Organizing my place inspired me to let my thoughts be organized too!

Now it’s like that

Now it’s like that

The make up was hardly organized, there were half of them in that box and the others are scattered all over the place, but then I bought the make up holder, about a year before I had saw the videos, I was not really using it, my makeup were in different parts in my room, then after I saw the videos I used it more.

Now it’s like that

I discovered: when the place is well organized and clean it will effect the person’s mood and productivity!!

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You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier.

Each person no matter where he is or whats are his thoughts and believes, if he is surrounding himself with negative conversations then he will feel sadness or nerves. I am not  saying a person should avoid being with others all the times, but the hours a persons spends in the day are hours that are part of his life, as an example  if he wasted hours in his day he is not being productive nor having fun then he is really wasting times (years) of his life

No matter how busy a person is, he, she should always take some few hours a day to take care of himself by himself only. I usually take some time to myself during the day but I really love taking quality time for myself, few hours before I sleep. It helps me to take care of me self ( my ideas and physically ) In that time I release or let go of all the negative ideas and try to improve myself mentally.  I feel a person is mentally improving means, a person improve or at least try to improve his life style, he/she feel loved and a person is enjoying his own company.

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A person’s privacy and secrets

I had noticed recently there are some people who do not know the difference between a secret and a person’s privacy. I do see their way of thinking, the difference is not a lot.

A person’s privacy From the dictionary: The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people: My opinion: A person’s privacy means a person should be allowed to have his ( me ) time. It could be personal and he/ she may share it with others.

(Me time) means, from the dictionary: time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy. .A Secret means from the dictionary: something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. My opinion: A secret means a person has something or information that no person in the entire world could know about it even if they try.

There is a different meaning to it and sadly, it is most commonly used: secrets means information that is about the privacy of other people.

I love privacy, that does not have secrets. I mean a person is free to do anything he wants without the feelings of there are other people around him, it lets a person be his true self. Respecting other people’s privacy such as leaving that personal stuff just for him may help people to respect that person even more.


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كأنه مشغول

في ناس في الدنيا تحب ان توهم الاخرين بانهم مشغولين او لديهم جدول اعمال مزدحم ضنا منهم ان الاخرين ستكون فكرتهم عنهم انهم اشخاص ذوو قيمة و لكن الحقيقه غير ذلك . من الجيد ان يكون للانسان اهداف و اعمال يوميه ولا بأس ان يعتذر عن مقابلة الاخرين بسبب انشغاله كالدراسة او ممارسة الرياضة مثلا  اذا كان حقا يفعل ما يقوله .

لاحظت ان بعض الناس يستخدمون هذه الأعذار فقط لكي يتهربوا من الموعد او الجلوس مع الاخرين . ظنا منهم ان الناس ستعطيهم اهمية اكثر ولن يكتشفوا الحقيقة عنهم و لكن الحقيقة دوما تظهر مهما طال الوقت. غالبا الناس لا يحبون الاشخاص الذين لا يحترمونهم او لا يحترمون وقتهم . انشغال الانسان بحياته شيء طبيعي و مهم لكي يطور حياته ولكن استخدام المسؤليات اليومية المتكررة كآعذار فهذاغالبا له معنى اخر، للاسف و هو ان هذا الشخص لا يحب ان يكون في المكان الذي سيذهب اليه.

غالبا عندما تظهر حقيقة الشخص ، ستقل قيمته عند الاخرين و بالتالي سيقلل احترام الاخرين له و ان ابدو عكس ذلك في حضوره بمعنى الاحترام الحقيقي للانسان من قبل الاخرين، انهم يكنون له مودة واحترام ان كان غائبا أو حاضرا.

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