You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier. […]

My inspiration room experience

I always had an idea that my room is like my whole world because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done. I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it […]

قيمة الانسان

من الممتع محاولة إضافة شيء ما إلى العالم ، ليس بالضرورة أن يكون شيئًا كبيرًا. الإنتاجية ممكن ان تكون في الأشياء الصغيرة و لها نتائج كبيرة، مثل كتابة مقال او فكره و مشاركتها مع اناس اخرين . من الجيد أن يحاول الانسان إضافة شيء مفيد وليس ضارًا بالعالم. في معظم الأوقات عندما يقوم شخص ما […]

The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more. My thoughts most of the times state when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and […]

Search for fun

Happiness is very important to a person’s life. He should always search for fun things, This does not always mean jokes about everything, it means a person knows the things or behaviors that help him be happier. In every situation a person is in, he should search for the fun things. Some people do not […]

Chose your clothes wisely

There are some people like themselves or their cloths always to be in fashion. They do not really care if this kind of clothes style is not for them or it does not have their style. A person should not always have the most fashioned cloths or the most sold cloth should suites you. Every […]

Think positive for a better life

Sometimes a person has some problems, complicated ones. In this case a person needs to think in a positive way and without any emotions. Positive way of thinking does not means a person have hope that the thing he wants will be like he wanted. It means a person’s brain always search for the good […]

Give to bring happiness

It is a good thing when a person gives his things, clothes, shoes and toys to people who cannot afford them. It will make more free room in his place and will let people who receive them be happy because he have something to let him feel warm. A person should always gives others the […]

True Happiness

True happiness is a feeling a person may feel in his life. It is not from anything that happiness from people although some behaviors others this may interfere with his happiness or sadness. Most people think happiness comes from other people or when a person is with others. That idea may be created because when […]

Happy Environment

  Most of the times a person’s happiness comes from inside of him but there are some other times a person needs to do other things to feel happy. A person could let his day full of happiness to feel he or she is happy but sadly this kind of happiness is temporary. He or […]

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