You’r mood is your responsibilty

Sometimes when a person socialize with others their mood effects him. Each person should create is own atmosphere that he likes and feels cosy while in it, at least few hours before night sleep time. I had been doing this method for a while and it really helps me emotionally and makes me feel happier.

Each person no matter where he is or whats are his thoughts and believes, if he is surrounding himself with negative conversations then he will feel sadness or nerves. I am not  saying a person should avoid being with others all the times, but the hours a persons spends in the day are hours that are part of his life, as an example  if he wasted hours in his day he is not being productive nor having fun then he is really wasting times (years) of his life

No matter how busy a person is, he, she should always take some few hours a day to take care of himself by himself only. I usually take some time to myself during the day but I really love taking quality time for myself, few hours before I sleep. It helps me to take care of me self ( my ideas and physically ) In that time I release or let go of all the negative ideas and try to improve myself mentally.  I feel a person is mentally improving means, a person improve or at least try to improve his life style, he/she feel loved and a person is enjoying his own company.

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My inspiration room experience

I always had an idea that my room is like my whole world because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done.

I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it a little. I did not do as they said ( make an inspiring board ) On 8 October 2018 I had printed quotes from the internet, in Arabic and English languages, since I know both,  to encourage me to do different stuff and have hope, happiness. I had pasted them all over the room’s walls. They are from famous Arabic and English writers, some quotes were from kids movies and there are some quotes from television series that I love, they could be in any category you like.

Since 11 October, because I am reading the quotes regularly when I enter my room I feel hope and happiness and most of the times I have creative thoughts such as writing a new article or better ways to improve my life.

I think the messages that I get from the inspirational quotes on my room walls help me unconsciously to let my brain to think according to the messages that  I had printed and even if the world or my life had sad news, it did not really affect my deep feelings because I know whenever I go to my place I can just read the inspiring quotes on the walls.

I had put separate kind of quotes on different walls, it depends where do I stare usually and at what time of the day I sit in that place, such as under the window ( I usually open the curtains in the morning I have quotes about starting a new day. On the wall behind my desk are a paragraph about writing, goals, hard work and not giving up and beside the rom door is about focusing on new opportunities.

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قيمة الانسان

من الممتع محاولة إضافة شيء ما إلى العالم ، ليس بالضرورة أن يكون شيئًا كبيرًا. الإنتاجية ممكن ان تكون في الأشياء الصغيرة و لها نتائج كبيرة، مثل كتابة مقال او فكره و مشاركتها مع اناس اخرين . من الجيد أن يحاول الانسان إضافة شيء مفيد وليس ضارًا بالعالم.

في معظم الأوقات عندما يقوم شخص ما بعمل شيء له قيمة مثل إكمال المهمة التي يحتاجها أو يريد أن ينهيها في فترة من الوقت لكنه لم يفعل لاي سبب كان، هذه الشيئ يجلب له السعادة و احساس بالقوه لأنه حقق هدفه أو مهمته. أعتقد أنه بما أن الانسان على قيد الحياة ولديه القدرة على القيام بأشياء مختلفة في الحياة ، فعليه أن يحاول بجعل العالم مكانًا أفضل للعيش فيه  .حتى لو حاول فقط تحسين حياته

ليس بالضروره ان يكون نجاح الانسان يقيم من خلال دراسته او وظيفته ولكن نجاحه في رآيي ان يترك اثر جميل و له قيمه اينما ذهب و بكل نواحي الحياة كالتعامل مع الناس او طرح فكره  جديده مفيده للاخرين و لنفسه ، غالبا قيمة او اهمية الانسان تقيم من خلال ما يفعله للاخرين ان كان في مجال الدراسه او الوضيفه او التعامل مع الاخرين بشكل عام.

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The Moon and Me

I love photography and astronomy very much. I usually think deeply into meaningful things for me while I am alone ( I think most people are like this). It helps me to discover myself more.

My thoughts most of the times state when I look at the Moon and see how far it is and it’s beautiful and that same idea I customize that thought to suit the situation in my head. 

The moon photos night is usually when there is a full moon I love to go outdoors to take photos of the moon. I like everything about it, the weather, nature even if I am in the city. I like to be by myself, thoughts and the Moon. There are some negative feelings that come to me if I am always ( all the time ) with other people. ( I do NOT hate people)

Sitting alone in nature helps me or a person to think about himself, his life, his feelings, and other planets too. It lets me realize I am living in a huge world and there is other concerns or issues in the worlds that does not happen in my life but NOT in a negative way. Most of my worries and problems disappear or I can find a solution for them.

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Search for fun

Happiness is very important to a person’s life. He should always search for fun things, This does not always mean jokes about everything, it means a person knows the things or behaviors that help him be happier. In every situation a person is in, he should search for the fun things.

Some people do not know there are some differences between having fun and happiness. They are very similar to each other but different.


Happiness means a person feels peace in his mind and he is comfortable with his life, even if he has some problem in his life.

Having fun

Having fun in a person’s life means a person feels excited, looking forward to his coming days. He feels something excited will happen every second and he does not have any kind of worries.

A person may have fun in his life while he is not really happy in his life. Having fun means a person enjoys doing things. A person may be boaring not having fun in a while in his life but he may still feel happy about his life. There are almost fun and exciting things in anything in life, a person should really look out for them is he want to notice them.

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Chose your clothes wisely

There are some people like themselves or their cloths always to be in fashion. They do not really care if this kind of clothes style is not for them or it does not have their style. A person should not always have the most fashioned cloths or the most sold cloth should suites you. Every person should have his own wearing cloths way. A person should wear clothes that he can be ready for anything and nice, not casual cloths.

Most of the times a person’s cloths shows some of his feelings, emotions and some thoughts about life. A person should not always buy new cloths all the time, he should wear them too. He should not just buy and wear some cloths because his family members or friends like them. There are new kinds of cloths every months or day, a person should choose wisely the kind of cloths he or she wants to appear in them in front of others.

A person should wear the things he feels it is comfortable and let him feel happy to wear them. When a person really liked his clothes, it means he might be happy in every times he wears them in public. Most of the times when a person wears something he really like he will be happy

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Think positive for a better life

Sometimes a person has some problems, complicated ones. In this case a person needs to think in a positive way and without any emotions. Positive way of thinking does not means a person have hope that the thing he wants will be like he wanted. It means a person’s brain always search for the good things in every situation or problem he has no matter how complicated his problem is.

Most of the times a person needs to train himself to avoid thinking in a negative way, or in  sad things and always focus on the positive things, after a while a person will get used to thinking in a positive way all of the times. When a person think of positive ways, it does not means he does not live in the real life. It means he choses to be happy. Whenever a person is used to think in a positive way he will easily think of solutions for his problem or at least ways to not let himself feel he has lots of pursuer.

A person should be careful not to let his thoughts to let him have very high hopes, because once a person have lots of hops and  he discovers he cannot reach them  in real life, he will be disappointed very much with himself. It is very good for a person to have hope in life to have the things he wants, if a person does not feel any hope he won’t be excited or he will not want to do anything. A person should live his whole life by having a positive way of thinking if he wants to be happy. A positive way of thinking means a person sees the opportunities he has in every problem he has and not the opposite, he also always try to solve his problems.

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Give to bring happiness

It is a good thing when a person gives his things, clothes, shoes and toys to people who cannot afford them. It will make more free room in his place and will let people who receive them be happy because he have something to let him feel warm. A person should always gives others the things he has but do not use anymore.

Usually whenever a person gives others ( people who cannot afford to buy them ) his unused things such as toys, he will be joyful because he know he had done a good deed. A person may buy new clothes, shoes and toys to give them to people he know they cannot afford them but when a person gives others his own things, clothes he will make more space for new things and he will let other people, families be happy in the same time. It is very good thing for a person to give others (people who cannot afford the things ) as a habit.

Some people think if they had given others their things, they will have some problems such as if a person gave others some of his clothes or money, he will have less clothes or money. This does not have to be true. Usually when people buy stuff they buy more than they need, this is why when a person discover some clothes he has he do not wear or things he has he does not use anymore, he should give it to other people who really needs them but cannot afford them.

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True Happiness

True happiness is a feeling a person may feel in his life. It is not from anything that happiness from people although some behaviors others this may interfere with his happiness or sadness. Most people think happiness comes from other people or when a person is with others. That idea may be created because when a person was a baby or a child, his happiness always comes when he plays with others or grownups as a person has grown-ups play with him.

Usually a person realizes his happiness can only be controlled by himself. There are sometimes a person’s happiness may be disturbed from outside problems ( if they are really big, complicated ) but most of the times true happiness is from inside a person no matter who he is living, if he has problems or not. Most of the times if a person is in a bad mood, it is a result of his own thoughts. His ideas are powerful, if he thought of a happy idea, he will be happy and if he thought of a sad idea he will be sad. This does not mean the things in the outside world, such as people around him and the circumstances he is in does not interfere with his feelings.

A person should try not to let his happiness with other people or linked with other people’s happiness. Whenever a person discovers his happiness map is with him and only he can be happy, almost no one can let him really feel sad if he was happy because he will most likely feel he has a wall prevent other people’s words and behaviors from interfering with his emotions. Most of the times a person can decide if he wants to be happy or sad in any circumstances, this really means a person’s happiness switch is with himself.

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Happy Environment


Most of the times a person’s happiness comes from inside of him but there are some other times a person needs to do other things to feel happy. A person could let his day full of happiness to feel he or she is happy but sadly this kind of happiness is temporary. He or she should always try to prevent herself or himself from seeing, hearing anything that cause her or him feel uncomfortable feelings.

A person should not wait for others to create her or his happiness. Each person has his or her own ideas or ways to have happiness in his or her life. Usually a person will think of the things he see or hear, such as if a person heard or saw people fighting and angry, he will be angry too. If a person wants to have a relaxing day he or she should prevent himself or herself from seeing or hearing anything that has anger feelings.

Each person should try to create the environment he or she feels happy with. Every person is responsible for his or her own feelings or happiness. He or she should daily try to do the things she or he enjoys the most.

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