Accept others in your life

Accepting others in your life means really respecting their ideas when you do not agree with them. When a person put rules and expectations from others, he is really making it hard for himself to have friends and he is limiting himself from exploring new ideas in life just because he had put a label on others according to his brief information of them. I think this way will limit his experience in life.

 A person should accept other people’s opinion when they do not have the same opinion as him. Accepting others in a person’s life means accepting the fact, they have the right to show their opinions, ideas and beliefs in front of you even if they are not agreeing with you they should not feel threatened.

Usually, when a person accepts a certain person in his life, such as a friend it should mean he accept his flaws too, even though that does not mean a person does not try to improve himself but I mean he should not always point out his friend’s flaws all of the time. Ironically once a person admits his flaws to himself, he usually tries to improve them.


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Life, the way I see it

I feel there are some unwritten rules about how we as people have to live our lives,  for example a person has to go to school from early age till he finish university even if he feels he cannot, then he is expected to have a job. If a person did not get the chance to live his own life in that way ( a way most people live their lives by) then others may  think there should be something wrong with him or his life, that idea may let the others think they have the right to decide how he lives his own life and it may let him feel he is living in jail.

I truly think it is unfair! 

I think each person should be able to live his life in the way he thinks its suitable for himself if it is not controlling or harming other people’s lives. Life should be an adventure with some planing involve. Each person should feel he is free to do anything he wants  n life, such as if  he wants to study, work, be a writer or anything else, he should decide for himself, not other people.

I think each person is free when he was born, there is no reason to put him in exceptions since he was born till the day he dies. Freedom should be in every part of a person’s life in order to be truly free.  My thought is whenever a person does or decide he do a certain behaviour muse to please other people, that means he is not free. A person’s success in his life should only be decided based on his own ideas and feelings by himself.


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Do you really feel you are free?

Freedom is very important topic in life. I think most people think freedom is just when it comes with a person’s safety such as a person can’t do a specific behaviour or he will be in trouble or freedom of speech.  I have another idea.

I think once a person does anything or behaviour just for his appearance or just to impress others then it means he is not free,  such as if a women shaves her  body hair just for others to see her without it, not because she really likes her legs this way then it means she is not free because she is doing this behaviour just to impress other people and not herself. ( This applies to males and females ) A person’s freedom is not just about the physical things, it’s about a person’s ideas too.

Freedom means a person dose not feel he has to obey a certain way of living. Freedom, most of the times is a feeling.



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Fight for Your FREEDOM

On 26 October 2015 a lizard ran away as fast as it can, it climbed to the highest of  its cage and jumped out of it then it crowded or ran as fast as it could with his legs towards the stairs and it climbed the first step of the stairs that lead to the rooftop of our house. When I saw him behaving in that way I realized it was going out for something really important for himself, in fact, it is important for all of us as humans too.

The important thing I had thought of was freedom. Freedom is something every creation and person needs. Most of the times a person fights for his freedom because it is a feeling it forces himself to fight for himself. It is a natural behavior.

I always talk and write about human rights but when the lizard ran away I really felt freedom is a very important thing. It should not just be a topic people talk about if they want to achieve an important position in life or if they were on on on board. It is a very important topic for any person no matter how old he is. Most of the times a person’s physical and verbal freedom are responsible for his creativity because a person’s creativity is linked with his ideas, such as if a person has a thought he wants to write a specific thing but he is not allowed to for any kind of reason, he will have as a result less creativity in his life.

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Own Opinion

Every person should show his own opinion. There are some people think since some group of people said anything,the things they say is always true. They copy their words to others and if anyone asked them about their own opinion, they do not know how to respond. It is good for a person to like other people’s ideas or opinions but it is better if a person have his own idea.

A person should say his own ideas and beliefs because these things are the things which shows his personality. Any person, no matter what is his age is should show his opinion. A person opinion is the thing that makes a person be mature or not. When a person copies other people’s opinion all of the times, it means he removes himself from life, he removes his personality.

Each person has different personality, it shows by his or her behaviours, opinions and ideas. Most or all of the times any person behaviours starts as an idea then if a person is convinced in it, that idea will be his behaviour and opinions.

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Freedom should be very important for every person  because it gives a person to do anything he wants in the place and time he wants to do it in. There is one rule a person should obey, a person should never harm others and himself, emotionally and physically. There are many types of freedom. There is freedom of speech, religious freedom and personal freedom.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is very important because it can lead to other kinds of freedom. The freedom of speech allows a person to express himself freely. The freedom of speech means a person is allowed to share with others  his ideas, opinions and believes.

Religious freedom 

Religious freedom is very important too. It means a person can choose his religion and if he wants to show his religious believes or not. Religious freedom means no one have the right to force another person to believe in the same religion as him.

Personal freedom 

Personal freedom means a person is free to do different things life, behaviours, where a person want to be and he can  be in the place in the time he wants to be in. A person can to wear any kinds of cloths he wants in anytime and in any place he goes to.

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