Organizing from watching others

Watching organizing the place videos on YouTube, made me make my place more organized. I watch a lot of them and there are three channels that changed me.

I always had an idea: my place represents my feelings and thoughts.

My ideas and the way of thinking shows in the room or in the place that I live in, such as if a person has organized thoughts and he truly understands himself then the place he lives in, most likely will be organized. I recently discovered the opposite of this idea is true!

I took some of the tips that were helpful to me and applied them to my place. I always had some not organized place to for the small stuff that I have,need but then things changed:

I had organized my place, inside the cabinets and the things that on display.

Organizing my place inspired me to let my thoughts be organized too!

Now it’s like that

Now it’s like that

The make up was hardly organized, there were half of them in that box and the others are scattered all over the place, but then I bought the make up holder, about a year before I had saw the videos, I was not really using it, my makeup were in different parts in my room, then after I saw the videos I used it more.

Now it’s like that

I discovered: when the place is well organized and clean it will effect the person’s mood and productivity!!

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Add your personality, make a difference

It is a beautiful and satisfying feeling to have when you added something good to the world. It can be anything that is not harmful to others such as it can be writing a good, helpful article, book or an art-related such as taking photos or drawing and displaying them to others. By creating something you are changing a specific thing or an idea such as if you wrote a book about how people can solve their problems, there will be one more helpful book that can help people to solve their problems and improve their ways of living. A person cannot always know how effective his words on others or how many people could had read or saw his, her work and was inspired by it or how it could have been a reason a person smiled that day!

Inspiration may come from lots of things, I think it just needs a person to be ready. Every person can add something made by him/ her into the world. I think a person should not wait until the inspiration arrives. I think a person should go out physically, not just sitting in one closed place almost all week

A writer should never stop sharing his/ her ideas even if they were discouraged by other people’s opinion because you will never know who read your book, article and improved their lives. I think that is one of the reasons I love writing, it could be writing a blog post, just brainstorming ideas or a book. Sharing something with a large group of people such as bookselling means you are sharing your ideas, a part of your personality with other people that you do not know.

 I would like to read your comments, What do you do to add something beautiful, to the world? As you can see I use writing and photography as a tool. What about you?

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Being confident in reaching you GOAL

Self-confidence is the most important type. It what allows a person to go towards his goal or goals in life. Usually, when a person is confident to reach his goals, it means he trust his knowledge and his judgment on that topic. Being confident gives a person a push to go towards the goals of his life.

One thing that I recently discovered that a person should be fully insistence and sometimes stubborn in reaching his goals or he will have hard times in reaching his goals and he will almost be wasting many years of his life without trying to reach his goals even if they were clear and simple for him.

Having confidence in yourself is a great thing because it shows to others that you are really ready to do the thing that you want to do, such as, if a person wants to study even if he is older than his classmates in many years and he still shows up there, he goes to the lessons then he will learn new topics but if he did not have confidence in his self then anything that could happen in the class will affect him such as if he answered a question in a wrong way, he might get disappointed by himself and he might think others are criticizing him, but in reality when he has a strong personality it means he will be confident most of the times and he will go after the certificate he wants or his goal with OUT letting anything interfere with his decision or stops him from reaching his goals.

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My inspiration room experience

I always had an idea that my room is like my whole world because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done.

I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it a little. I did not do as they said ( make an inspiring board ) On 8 October 2018 I had printed quotes from the internet, in Arabic and English languages, since I know both,  to encourage me to do different stuff and have hope, happiness. I had pasted them all over the room’s walls. They are from famous Arabic and English writers, some quotes were from kids movies and there are some quotes from television series that I love, they could be in any category you like.

Since 11 October, because I am reading the quotes regularly when I enter my room I feel hope and happiness and most of the times I have creative thoughts such as writing a new article or better ways to improve my life.

I think the messages that I get from the inspirational quotes on my room walls help me unconsciously to let my brain to think according to the messages that  I had printed and even if the world or my life had sad news, it did not really affect my deep feelings because I know whenever I go to my place I can just read the inspiring quotes on the walls.

I had put separate kind of quotes on different walls, it depends where do I stare usually and at what time of the day I sit in that place, such as under the window ( I usually open the curtains in the morning I have quotes about starting a new day. On the wall behind my desk are a paragraph about writing, goals, hard work and not giving up and beside the rom door is about focusing on new opportunities.

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An environment for successful life

Most of the times when new technology device is in shops, people buy it, just because it is new, not because they need it such as how most people listen to music. Each person should make  an environment that best suites him, even if most people see it as wrong or old ways to do certain tasks if it helps him get creative.

A person should learn new things in his life in any topic but he still should live his life ( privet and social ) in the way he like as long as he is NOT harming others and their feelings intentionally. Creating or finding the best environment for a person to keep being productive is not always easy but it is worth the time for  a person to find a suitable way to help him be more motivated in life and productive.

The main differences between a child and a grownup are responsibility and productivity. It does not always have to do or connected to profit. Being productive mainly means for me is to try to add good things in the world or change the bad things in life or at least in my circle of family, friends and any person I can make his life better or at least one day better in his life.

I always thought I was not addictive to my phone till recently because I took a while not writing on this website and other productive things I used to do. When I saw some videos on the internet about being productive, they helped me a lot from the first day I used them.

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Making a Leonardo Da Vinci Ship Canon with Shield

Yesterday dad and I had put together Leonardo De Vinci battleship. It was fun!  Before we started to put the ship together, I had read about it, in its manual. I liked what  I had read. I also liked the experience too, it combined entertainment with knowledge.  I think it is a very fun way to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, we forgot from where we got it. 

We had to put every piece together. It did not take a very long time to finish it. 


(Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy. Sa Vinci was an artist, scientist, engineer, inventor, anatomist, musician, and writer.) From the instruction book.

To read more about Leonardo Da Vinci, click on the link below:

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Since I was young I liked taking photos of everything that has some beauty. We had a farm when I was a kid and teenager, I used to go there and take many photos of nature, animals, and people. I like photography because it captures the moment and saves it for a lifetime. I learned taking photos with a camera by practicing.


By practicing through the years and by Powershot Sx50 HS canon Camera

The camera type and how long it can go in the distance (zoom in ) also the quality of the camera in taking photos to to to to to affect the photo that is taken.


The timing is everything!! A photographer ( anyone how likes to take good photos) should always or most of the times have their camera ready to capture the image because most of the time the most beautiful or important moments happen suddenly

Most of the times I like to take photos more than videos is because I feel I can control the photo more than videos.


You are welcome to visit my Instagram page ( esra_ben_jassem) and in Flickr at

(Esra Ben Jassem )


There are many places that teach professional photography but I did not go to any till now, maybe later I will 😉  I learned by practicing, watching my wrong ways, developing my ways and learning from anything I can learn from, such as practicing, practicing is one of the most effective ways to be better in taking the right photos, reading about photography and watching  videos can help too.







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تجربتي في الورشه المشوقه

في ١٣ و١٤ يناير ٢٠١٧ شاركت ولأول مرة في ورشة في محل الحرفي


كانت الورشه: ورشة ترتيب و تلوين بيت السنافر


@fahad_aldhuwaihi و @alhamad84

منقسمة ليومين متتالين

في اليوم الأول لونا السور و البيت و العربانه

اليوم الثاني: ركبنا أو لزقنا البيت على الأرضية  و العشب و الزرع و السور

الخطوّه الاولى

We had cut and pasted the green grass

الخطوة الثانية

put the house inside the tiny hole in the middle of the grass and add lighter colour of grass

الخطوة الثالثة

Cut out bricks from fom

الخطوه الرابعه

Smurf’s house with bricks in front of the door

الخطوة الخامسة

You can if you want add more green grass

You can add flowers and small walll

A wagon full of flowers on the other side of the house


The final look

. الرابط اعلا للورشه

كانت هذه اول مره اشارك في اي ورشه . كانت ممتعه . أنصح القراء الكرام ان يجربوا الورش الممتعه . التغير او عمل الانسان شيئ  غير اعتيادي عليه ، يمكن ان تعطيه التجربة آفاق بعيدة أو جديدة وجديرة بالتفكير بها.



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كتابة القصص

كتابة القصص تعتبر نوع من انواع التعبير عن ما في النفس.اغلب الاوقات القصة القصيرة لها بداية ووسط ونهاية. ينبغي أن يكون في القصة شخصيات أيضا. ينبغي أن يكون لالقصة القصيرة مشكلة يجب حلها لتجعل القارئ يتساءل ماذا سيحدث بعد ذلك بعد قرائتها.عادة القصص القصيرة تتيح للقارئ ان يشعر كل الأحداث في القصة تتجه الى النقطة الرئيسية في القصة. القصة القصيرة ليس فقط للأطفال، ما يعني تناسب جميع الأعمار، فإنه يعتمد على الكاتب و القصة.

من تجربتي الشخصية، كتابة القصص القصيرة سهلة و ممتعة جدا لأنها لا تحتاج إلى الكثير من الوقت للإنسان أن يكملها . كتابة القصص يعني لانسان يتخيل أشياء و يكتبها قي احداث مترابطة.

غالبا لا احد قادر على اجبار نفسة على كتابة القصص لان القصص مرتبطة مع خيال الكاتب. كتابة القصص يعتبر ابداع.

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ملح ملون


معظم الناس يحبون تزيين منازلهم بالاشياء المصنوعة يدويا من قبلهم، سوف نستعمل الملح لتزين  المكان


الادوات التي سوف تحتاجها


قمع او محقان

IMG_1882            ملح 


طوبشير او الوان الباستال


مزهرية صغيرة او اناء


وضع الملح الابيض على سطح مستفيم


ثم اختيار اللون لتغيرلون الملح له


IMG_1889 يمكنكم طلب الوان الباستال من موقع

ثم يجب ان تقوم بتحريك لون الباستيل او الطوبشير علي الملح حتي يتم الوصول لدرجة اللون المرغوبة


ثم ضع المحقان علي الاناء لسكب الملح داخل الاناء. حرك المحقان بالاتجاه التي تريد لون الملح ان يكون



كرر هذة الخطوات ثم ضع اي شيء لتسكير الفتحة لمنع وقوع المل



IMG_1889 يمكنكم طلب الوان الباستال من موقع

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