Dose it represent yourself?

I recently been thinking about some people’s social media do not represent their life. I know it do not have to, but I think pretending to be someone else all the day is exhausting, the thing I recently noticed and it took me by surprise, I needed some days to reflect or think about it before I write about in this website.

I notice some people may behave in a certain way in the real life but they act the opposite on social media, on their personal accounts. I do understand that some people like to create or draw a certain personality, in front of others in real life and on social media to get certain amount and kind of respect but I think it is over used. For example there are some people are understanding in conversations and accept to listen to the other and opposite opinion on social media places but when they are confronted in real life, they behave in the opposite way. I think that behavior is really ridiculous.

Here are some questions for you to help you discover if your personal account reflect your personality or not:

  1. Are you showing the truth to others ?

  2. Dose your social media accounts show the real you, the words and photos, pictures and videos you post ?

  3. Are they just there to show others a “fake”, improved version of yourself?

  4. Do you behave in social media as you would behave in real life ?

I do see the reasons when business accounts behave in that way and I think they have too. What I am writing about here is not business accounts. I meant the personal accounts. I think since the account is for personal use, it at least should show the TRUE and positive sides of a person’s life if the owner of the account wants to, but it should be true. Such as if a person always say in videos and writes about forgiving others he, she should apply that idea in the real life, if a person did not do the thing or ideas that it is in the accounts, it most likely means that person is not real to himself and his followers!

Sometimes a person may treat each social media platform slightly different because there are some accounts are privet and others are not, that dose not always mean a person is lying to others but it is similar when a person goes out with some group of friends and then goes out with different people, most likely the topics they talked about are ( in both groups) are different.

Here is my last question:

  1. Dose your personal social media accounts really represent yourself to others, your thoughts and things you like?
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The art of communication

Conversation; At least two people are sharing some information equally.

Speech: most of the times,only person is speaking.

I love when people put feelings in theirs way of speaking, such as when a person tells others something with excitement, the audience can feel the excitement he had felt because of his voice tone, as he lets his voice be little higher, the listeners will likely be more interested and excited to hear what is the next thing he will say.

That above example is different then screaming or shouting.

I think there are special occasions a person may need to say a speech but I think for not formal occasions; people being together and a person starts a speech, it is rude and disrespectful for others especially if they were not asked.

I noticed sometimes if people are in a group then, a person say something about a topic then continuously talks non stop. I think it is not polite behavior, just to ignore anybody.

There are some situations, the talking is always from one person only, he, do not let others say their opinion because he is in a rush to talk. Most of those times I get nervous because I think that they person is not trying to keep up the conversation but turning it to a speech and not considering other people’s rights and feelings.

I personally do not like speeches except if the situation needs it because they usually serve only one thing and do not show others (the speaker’s ) real personality due to its being pre- planned. I think they are very good for graduating for example.

What about you? What are your thoughts?

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ما تشاركه ، يعتقدون أنه إلى الأبد

لاحضت في الاونه الاخيره عندما الانسان يكشف للاخرين قسم صغير جدا عن مواهبة او شخصيته او ارائه، سيعتقدون هذا الشيء ، هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي يقضي كل ايامه ، كمثال اذا علم الاخرين اني احب القرائه ، فانهم يعتقدون اني طول الوقت خلال السنه لا اعمل اي شيء ثاني كهواية سوى القراءة .

اعتقد هذا نوع من التفكير،غير منطقي ، لان الانسان يحتاج للتغير في يوميه و لو تغير بسيط و لهذا السبب اعتقد الانسان يحتاج الى التنوع في هواياته لان التنوع بالهواية تدفع الانسان للتفكير في طرق مختلفة و بالتالي سيتغير اسلوب و نوعية احاديثه . السبب الثاني: لان غالبا اذا الانسان لم يغير نوعية الاشياء و الاحاديث الذي يشاركها مع الاخرين، اعتقد الناس سيتجنبون الجلوس معه لان غالبا الناس يريدون يستمعون الى احدث الافكار و المواضيع او اشياء لم يكون لديهم علم بها من قبل.

الاحاديث، ما تشاركه مع الاخرين هو الشيء الذي يمكنهم التعرف عليك من خلاله فاذا الانسان فقط يشارك الاخرين الاحاديث من نوع الثقيل ( الاحاديث ذو وزن التي ممكن ان تغير حياة الاخرين للافضل) فانهم سيرونه انسان ذو قيمة و فكر لكن هذا لا يعني ان يجب عليه ان لا يبادر المرح لان هذا ايضا يعطيه نوع من الاحترام .

بجميع الاحوال يجب على الانسان ان لا يسمح للاخرين ان يصنعوا له صورته لديهم فهذا واجبه هو فقط .

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كبار الصغار

  لاحضت من فترة قصيرة، في ناس ينجذبون نحو الشكوى من كل شيئ، كالجو . برغم من علم الناس ان الشكوى لن تغيير شيئ. الشكوى يجب ان تكون للاشياء الذي لها قيمه في حياة الانسان و مستقبله التي تسيطر على حياته اليومية ويريد ان يجد حلا لها لكن لا يستطيع فيآخذ راى الاخرين.

اعتقد ان الناس ، الشباب و الكبار في السن يريدون جذب انتباه الأخرين لهم كالاطفال لكن هم كبار فيستخدمون المواضيع المختلفة و في بعض الاحيان تكون مستفزة لجذب انتباه الاخرين لهم. انا اعتقد لدى الكبار نفس احتياجات الاطفال من ناحية التعامل مع الاخرين لكن معقدة اكثر .الصغار ( الاطفال) غالبا لا يكون عندهم مشكلة ان يطلبوا ان يهتم بهم الاخرين، و هذا الطبع ليس موجود عند الكبار

لكن لاحضت في بعض الاحيان الناس يتكلمون في طريقة استفزازية طوال الوقت كانهم في حرب، لكن المفترض هم  يتجاذبون الاحاديث لمعرفة اخبار حياة كل شخص منهم و افكاره و يستمتعون بوقتهم و تنويع المعلومات لكل واحد عن كل موضوع دون   توتر و عصبية. في رأي هذا التصرف السابق  ممكن ان يكون من اسباب ابتعاد الناس عن التجمعات لان اغلب الناس عندما  يذهبون للتجمعات يريدون ان يقضوا وقت مرح و مفيد. .

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People are books

People are like books ,they are all  similar from the outside (their appearance) but their content are different. Most of the times, the deeper the reader reads in a book, it will be more interesting or in some cases a reader decide to stop reading a specific book because it is not interesting. The idea can be applied to any conversation too.

The depth of a conversation is not measured by the time it starts and finish, but by how it effect the people who are communicating, for example if the conversation is about things that do not really matter to a person or dose not effect his life, the conversation will still be shallow even if it took hours or more,but if a conversation is five minutes but it has the effect of changing the perspective to the better, I consider it a deep conversation.

I know most of the relationships start with shallow conversations but the problem in my opinion if the conversation stayed in that level forever, that means the people who are talking together are not really communicating. Communication is really important for any type of relationship.

I think a person should read many kind of books, books that talk about different subjects and a reader should read all kinds of books even ones that contains opposite ideas than the ones the reader has. I think this way let’s a person have strong opinions about different things in life and the reasons of why he has those specific opinion about any specific thing, he won’t be just copping others just because he is sitting with them.

Make sure your existing makes a difference for the better, in the place you are in.

I think people are should be similar to fiction books they tell others their opinions not like unification books, the try to tell fact all of the times.

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With others

Most people think that if they pretend to be interested in a specific topic, it won’t appear to others they are pretending but actually, people do notice.

Similar to creating a character in a story but in real life, a person act or behave as they think how the image in his/her mind could do. I think this is the reason people do not show their true selves.  

In my opinion: When a person shows to others his true self, others will love to spend thier time with him and they will really get to know each other because they can show him their real thoughts too. It could be scary for a person to show others his true self without comparing himself with the idea he has in his mind but it is worth it.

Just discovered: To be interesting to others: you have to be interested in the topic you are talking about.

If you are not interested even if you are showing to the other person the opposite, he will notice in a way or another.

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Use your voice

I have noticed some people do not really care to the way they speak in. They keep their voice to the same level throughout the entire speech or conversations. I think that is not a good way to speak. Each person can change his voice such as he could scream in excitement if the thing he talks about is exciting, his audience will most likely get excited with him.

Voice changing in any conversation is similar to writing when using bold, Italic, and underline. It lets the writing be more attractive to others and the lets people pay attention to the important things in the writing. I think conversations should be held similar to that way.

Most of the times if a person speaks for long times (even if a person is with friends and family) if he dose not change his voice tone, or way of speech most likely the topic that he speaks about will be boring to others to hear.

The key is for a person to know when to use which tone of his voice in a conversation.

Sadly, I notice most people do not pay attention to the previous thought while it is very Important and it could be applied to any language a person uses to speak in because it lets the topic or conversation a person is talking about more interesting. Every person or almost every person can make his voice louder or less loud then, he should know how can he use that way to to have other people’s true attention to his words.

(What I meant about; True attention: The kind of attention a person gives to others that he dose not checks his mobile or other things, certainly do not interrupts the other person.)

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Accept others in your life

Accepting others in your life means really respecting their ideas when you do not agree with them. When a person put rules and expectations from others, he is really making it hard for himself to have friends and he is limiting himself from exploring new ideas in life just because he had put a label on others according to his brief information of them. I think this way will limit his experience in life.

 A person should accept other people’s opinion when they do not have the same opinion as him. Accepting others in a person’s life means accepting the fact, they have the right to show their opinions, ideas and beliefs in front of you even if they are not agreeing with you they should not feel threatened.

Usually, when a person accepts a certain person in his life, such as a friend it should mean he accept his flaws too, even though that does not mean a person does not try to improve himself but I mean he should not always point out his friend’s flaws all of the time. Ironically once a person admits his flaws to himself, he usually tries to improve them.


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تقبل الأخرين كما هم

عندما يتحدث شخص ما أو يكتب عن موضوع واحد فقط فهذا يعني شيئين ، الموضوع يهمه جدا او ليس لديه اَي شيئ اخر مثير في حياته. في بعض الأحيان التخصص شيئ جيد و مفيد مثل تخصص طبييب الأسنان و لكن اذا كان الإنسان لا يتحدث مع الأخرين أو يكتب إلا في موضوع معين فهذا في رأيي يعني هذا الانسان لديه تجارب محدودة في الحياة .

في هذا العصر الحاضر يسهل على مستخدم الأجهزة ذو الاتصال بالإنترنت ان يتعرف على طرق تفكير الآخرين وآرائهم في شتى المواضيع فلا يوجد عذر للناس ان لا تكتشف طرق جديدة للتفكير و تقبل آراء الآخرين و هي مختلفة او عندما تكون ضدهم.

في رأي يجب على اَي إنسان ان يقرأ و يشاهد فديوات أو معلومات عن تجارب قيمه لأخرين حتى اذا كان لا يتفق معهم في الرأي لأن هذه التجربة ممكن ان تعطي الإنسان معلومات قيمة عن تجارب الأخرين في الحياة و الإستفادة منهم دون الحاجة لخوض نفس التجربة . من المعروف ان اذا الانسان لديه تجارب و معلومات مختلفة فإنه أسهل بالتعامل مع الأخرين، فيكون اكثر مرنونه .

عندما الانسان يتحدتث مع الاخرين او يشترك الاخرين راىئيه في مواقع التواصل فانه يشارك او يبين للاخرين قسم من شخصيته فاذا الانسان لا ينوع بمواضيعه التي يطرحا فهذا يعني تفكيره و جهده منصب نحو موضوع واحد فقط ، فاذا تنوعانواع المواضيع الذي كان يطرحها للاخرين فانه يشاركهم كل او اغلب افكاره و ارائه في كل جوانب الحياة.غالبا اذا الشخص يتقبل اراء الاخرين و هم معاكسه لرآيه  سيكون محبوب اكثر بين الناس . الحياة فيها احداث من شتى الانواع و هناك اراء للناس في كل موضوع فاذا .الانسان فقط يشارك الاخرين في موضوع معين فهذا بمثابة ان هذا الانسان يضع نفسه في غرفة صغيره جدا و مغلقه.

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Smart technology and people

Did the smartphones and other technology forces people in the same place to stop talking to each other or they just use them to avoid people to communicate with them and blame the smart mobiles for their behaviors?

Most people if not all behave in that way: Uses his phone in public. 

I think people MOST of the times chose to use their phones. There are many reasons a person behaves in that way in public or in a gathering.

  • Being bored
  • There are really interesting things on the net that attract them.

Some people may see a person uses a phone in public is an impolite thing to do because it may put an invisible wall between people who are sitting together in the same place. There are some circumstances a person needs to use his phone while he is with others and it is accepted if he did but most of the times it is not accepted.


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