By Power

Every person should have his own opinions. He has the right to share them with others if he wanted to. There are some people like to force others to be like them or to agree on their idea, such as if a person thinks a specific information others has is wrong he keeps telling his opinion about it  but by an attacking way. The way a person says the things he wants to say, has more effect on the responds of the listener.

When a person wants other people be convinced in his idea, he should not let them feel they have to be convinced in his thought. He should let them feel they can add their own opinion, be convinced in his thought or they can have a new idea. Most of the times if a person feels he is forced to do specific things or he has to believe in a specific idea the other person is saying, he might refuse to even think about agreeing.

Almost everyone like to feel he is free. Whenever a person tries to force others to believe in a specific idea it means he is limiting their thinking and freedom. Each person has the right to explain to others his idea or the things he believes in but no one has the right to force others to have the same ideas as himself. Such as, if a person thought having pets at home is not a good idea, he should not force others or people who he lived with, to not have any kinds of pets if they wanted to.  Most of the times if a person did not use any kind of force ( verbal or physical ) others might get more easily to be convinced into his idea.


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