Begin with happiness,end it with happiness

The ways a person starts and ends his day are very important. Most of the times when a person do or see anything he likes or love,it will affect his mood for almost his entire day. Almost anything can affect a person’s mood.

Usually a person’s mood can easily be effected just before he sleeps and in the second he wakes up. That means a person could watch or hear anything he likes and let him relax while he gets ready for sleep to have a good sleep. A person’s mode before he or she sleeps can affect his dreams,nightmares.

The things a person see or hears and even thinks about can affect his dreams,specially a person’s thoughts. A person’s ideas are the most effective things can help create a person’s dream or nightmare. A person needs to end his day with things he has fun with and tries to begin his day with the most thing that brings him happiness just before he begins to think seriously about his day or life he will feel happy or relaxed for the rest of his day.

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