Beauty saloon and life as a girl

  1. What defines beauty?
  2. Do you think we as people should live according to society beauty standards?
  3. Who puts them?

From a young age, I liked going to saloons to take care of my appearances such as hair and nails. There are sometimes I go there just to feel happy afterward. Most of the times I think that I feel those feelings because all the advertisements that show a girl look happier after she went to a hair salon.

I am NOT against going to hair salons or lady’s hair saloons, in fact, I love going there, but sometimes  I wonder if our actions are really based on our personality one hundred percent or is there other things such as advertisements that might change our thoughts? Such as where is the harm of letting a women’s grey hair grow and not coloring it in the saloon once a month or something like that or at home,  I get it, how a woman likes to look pretty all the times  even if she is covering her hair with a hijab but sometimes I think it might get expensive for a woman to go regularly to saloons and I think going regularly to saloons l might let that girl to not accept her natural appearance.

I like you to read your opinions on this topic.

  • Do the advertisements control our behaviors?
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