Be yourself

There are sometimes a person wants to be someone else rather than himself. Thinking it is better for him. Most of the times a person tries to be someone successful in life. Each person has his own way of behaving and living his life in the way it suites him. When a person tries to be someone els than himself, it will show to others.

One of the best things a person could do to himself is to show others his real personality, thoughts or be himself. When a person be himself or act according to his own thoughts, people might love him for the truly person he is not just his appearance.

When a person tries to be some one else,he deletes or remove himself as a person and he will be similar to a baby or a kid. Babies and kid’s copy other ‘s behaviour to learn to behave like them,a grown up person do not need to learn how to behave. He should behave normally according his thoughts or personality.

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