Be your best on both sides

There are people who only take good care about their looks, appearance in front of others and they do not take care of their brain or thoughts. A person should take care of his looks and mind or thoughts at the same time. A person’s looks and the way he behaves, his ideas can affect the impression of others even if they already know him.

A person’s ideas are the main things that let a person do anything or they are responsible of the way he behaves in, this is the reason a person should take good care of his thoughts and information he has. A person’s look is very important too because they may be one of the reasons others way of dealing with a specific person. Most of the times people treat a person who wears causal clothes different from a person who wears dresses and a person who is a well-dressed person such as a party dress.

Each person has his own style ( his or her’s hair and clothes) a person do not always need to change his style to have respect from others. Everyone should wear the things he or she feels it suits them because whenever a person wears something she or he like he or she will be better when he or she is with others. A person needs to feel he is good from the inside so he will be good on the outside too.

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