Be free without a schedule

There are some people like to live their day be a schedule. This way is good if a person has many tasks he or she wants to finish. A person may get board from this kind of life quickly because there is no excitements in his day or almost anything that happened in his day he excepted it will happen because it already happened before. Usually people who do the same thing repeatedly through the week or year they do not have some kind of adventures in their lives.

Most of the times when a person do anything unusual or something he do not do it daily, he or she be happy. A  schedule usually helps a person to do the things he or she wants or needs to do but it may be the reason of their sadness because they are used to the things they do. Most people needs to feel free to do anything he or she wants in any second she or he wants.

Usually schedules are very useful for a person who have many things he needs to do in his mind. Most of times people who are confused or think of many thoughts in the same time ( things to do) need to put a plan or a schedule to help them know the things they need to do without forgetting anything.

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