The art of communication

Conversation; At least two people are sharing some information equally. Speech: most of the times,only person is speaking. I love when people put feelings in theirs way of speaking, such as when a person tells others something with excitement, the audience can feel the excitement he had felt because of his voice tone, as he […]

Planing a new you

Hope:   A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong. Expectations:   Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events […]

انت بادر أولا

،‪ في الأونه الأخيره لاحظت غالبا الناس يظهرون ردود افعالهم اكثر من ان هم يبادرون و كأن يجب على الجميع ان لا يبادرون بطرح افكارهم، أو ممنوع عليهم ان يبادرون لكن يجب عليهم ان يظهرون للاخرين ردود افعالهم اتجاه مواضيع مختلفة . عندما يبادرالشخص  بطرح افكارة ، فهو يضيف تنوع جديد من الأحاديث و الواضيع المتنوعة […]

ما تشاركه ، يعتقدون أنه إلى الأبد

لاحضت في الاونه الاخيره عندما الانسان يكشف للاخرين قسم صغير جدا عن مواهبة او شخصيته او ارائه، سيعتقدون هذا الشيء ، هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي يقضي كل ايامه ، كمثال اذا علم الاخرين اني احب القرائه ، فانهم يعتقدون اني طول الوقت خلال السنه لا اعمل اي شيء ثاني كهواية سوى القراءة . اعتقد هذا […]

Do you behave in social media as would you behave in real life ?

I recently noticed some people’s social media do not represent their life. I know it do not have to but I think pretending to be someone else all the day is exhausting, the thing I recently noticed and it took me by surprise, I needed some days to reflect or think about it before I […]

كبار الصغار

  لاحضت من فترة قصيرة، في ناس ينجذبون نحو الشكوى من كل شيئ، كالجو . برغم من علم الناس ان الشكوى لن تغيير شيئ. الشكوى يجب ان تكون للاشياء الذي لها قيمه في حياة الانسان و مستقبله التي تسيطر على حياته اليومية ويريد ان يجد حلا لها لكن لا يستطيع فيآخذ راى الاخرين. اعتقد ان […]

People are books

People are like books ,they are all  similar from the outside (their appearance) but their content are different. Most of the times, the deeper the reader reads in a book, it will be more interesting or in some cases a reader decide to stop reading a specific book because it is not interesting. The idea […]

With others

Most people think that if they pretend to be interested in a specific topic, it won’t appear to others they are pretending but actually, people do notice. Similar to creating a character in a story but in real life, a person act or behave as they think how the image in his/her mind could do. […]

Be you to be creative

I was forcing myself to write today, but I could not have a good idea in my opinion to write about but then I realized the good ( the one that get a lot of likes and reactions ) articles and post in my other social media are not planned,  I just write the comment, […]

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