Sometimes a person goes through small fights with people he cares about. Most of the times when a person starts attacking the other person ( by words) with anger because his or her emotions are stronger than him or her, the other person should not respond in the same way if he or she wants to avoid any unhappy moments,relationships. A person who is hearing the person who is talking should stop responding if  his or her emotions are stronger than them and controlling them .

When a person is angry , the best thing the other person could do is to listen to him but do not respond with his own opinion. A person should try his best to prevent himself from arguing anyone, men or women. Usually If a women argues with a men he will get more angry and he feels he is not appreciated by her. The first person who apologise for hurting the other person’s feelings appreciates the relationship.Apologising doesn’t always a person needs to say (sorry) it could be shown by their behaviours and it does not have to means the person who is apologising is wrong. 

One of the best ways a person can do is,he should wait few seconds if the other person is angry or crying ( his emotions guide his behaviours ) to respond. If a person can wait for a while to talk about the topic that let them feel angry it will be better because most of the times people who were arguing or angry at each other will not feel the same level of anger in that time. Most of the times if a person is not angry he or she can say more reasonable things or things that may let the other person be convinced in his idea. Usually if a person argues with another person ( both of them angry ) they will have a big fight.

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