Apologising from men and women

The best thing a person could do after feeling guilty for hurting  other person’s feelings is to apologise. Apologising doesn’t necessarily means a person says (I am sorry or I was wrong. Apologies could be shown by a person’s behaviours such as eye contact or gives presents.        

   Apologise for men

Usually men have hard times if a man wants to apologise. Most of the times men choses to apologise to others, specially women by their behaviours. Usually it is hard for men to say ( I am sorry, I was wrong ) this is why they chose to show their regret feelings by their behaviours. This does not mean there are no men say ( I am sorry, I was wrong) but they are few.

 Apologise for women

Usually, most women can easily apologise to others. Most women choses to apologise by words. Some women may also show they are sorry by their behaviours.

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