Aim to be better,not perfect 

Some people, like everything to be perfect, especially in their appearance, including communicating with others. Usually, those people have less self-confident than others. It is good for a person to be good in most of the things he does but he should accept the fact he is a human who may make mistakes and may do somethings not perfectly.

When a person tries to be perfect in everything he is really destroying himself and wasting his time. It is good for any person to be expert in a specific thing but it is exhausting for himself to always try to be the perfect person who is the one who does everything in the way it should be done by.

A person should aim to be a better person not perfect because perfection is some state of mind a person creates for himself to give him the strength to always do his best to be better than the one he is in. There is no specific way a person can use to be perfect because each person has his own ideas of the good things he wants in his life, others might disagree with. Each person has his own flaws, that’s the reason each person should always try to improve himself.

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