Act as your words

In some cultures, men should stick firmly to their words, but women do not have to. Usually, people respect a person who says something and does not change his words later. A person’s behaviors should prove his words, phrase. Men and women should behave in that way. This does not mean a person never changes his thoughts and behaves like a rock, a person should behave to similar to a tree. ( For the tree and rock, you can read ways of a living article)

Most of the times when a person do as he said he would do, people will start to treat him as a grown-up person. A person whose behaviors and words proves the same thing is a real mature, strong person. Most of the times when a person’s behaviors are the opposite of his words, others will not really depend on him in anything he says.

Usually, a person needs to have a strong personality and should be really convinced in the subject or ideas he is talking about to do the things he said he will do. Most of the times grownups are respected because they do not frequently change their words meanings. A person should always think many times about the words he planning to say because once they have been said, a person who said they should prove for others he really means them.

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