Accept your imperfection

Usually every person has his own flaws, imperfection and mistakes in life. A person should always try to improve himself. Improving means growing or becoming a mature person. Not every change in a person’s life means he is a mature person, there are some behaviours a grown up person could do proves for others he is not a mature person.

Most of the times if a person accepts all of his flaws, he will not feel shy because of them and others could not use them against him, especially if he starts to improve himself regularly. Everyone,men and women have their own flaws. Since a person is living he should always try to improve himself. When a person improves himself, it means he is growing up. Growing up means a person accept all of his flaws and try to improve them and his personality.

When a person accepts his mistakes,flaws as the way they are, he will be more relaxed, usually he will excuse others more frequently too. A person does not necessarily have to be perfect in anything, he just needs to be happy and do not hurt other people’s feelings. Most of the times when a person accepts him imperfection as a human, he will accept to hear other people’s opinion to try to improve himself.


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