A person’s first sight impression

Most of the times the first thing people see in a person is the way he dresses or his cloths. Cloths are important because they might tell others a person’s mood and some of his personality. Such as if a person is dressed in a casual cloths most of the times, it means the person is always on time and she or he do not really care about her or his look or the things other people think of when they see him or her.

People can know some  information about a person just by his cloths and they way he wears them. A person’s way of appearance is important to others. Usually people respect more a person who is well dressed and have his cloths ironed and neat than a person who is wearing casual cloths,specially if he wears causal all of the time.

In some situation a person may need to pay attention to his cloths more, such as first time work meeting or first time going out with a friend. Usually people create an idea in their minds about any person he or she meets (chats with or if they have any kind of relationships) in the first time they see each other. A person cannot get a second first-time impression moments this is the reason a person should always try to let others see the good things he has as behaviours


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