A person is a wrapped gift

Each person has different life experience, different thoughts, believes and behaviours. Every person has his own way of thinking. Others might like his way of thinking and might dislike it. Every new person is a mystery or a wrapped gift to others, a person could have a personality similar to a rock, water or a tree. 😉 A person should not judge a gift just by its wrapping, he needs to open it and see the present to like it or not. People should be judged by this way too. A person should not judge  just by his looks,( clothes or his silence, if he is quite all of the time.) A person needs to see inside of that individual to really know him such as his ideas about life.

Strangers or people who know a person but do not really know his personality, the person to them is similar to a wrapped gift. Usually when a person receives a gift he accepts it anyway. A person should accept others as they are, even if he did not like them.

A person cannot know what is inside the box or gift if he did not open the wrap on top of it. This is similar to people. A person does not really know an individual until he tries to let that individual feel fine with telling him everything about him. A person needs to really know everything about an individual to judge him or to like, dislike him.

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