Being confident in reaching you GOAL

Self-confidence is the most important type. It what allows a person to go towards his goal or goals in life. Usually when a person is confident to reach his goals, it means he trust  his knowledge and his judgment in that topic. Being confident gives a person a push to go towards the goals of his life.

One thing that I recently discovered that a person should be  fully insistence and  sometimes stubborn in reaching his goals or he will have hard times in reaching his goals and he will almost be wasting many years of his life without trying to reach his goals even if they were clear and simple for him. 

Having confidence in yourself is a great thing because it shows to others that you are really ready to do the thing that you want to do, such as, if a person wants to study even if he is older than his classmates in many years and he still shows up there, he goes to the lessons then he will learn new topics but if he did not have confident in his self then anything that could happen in the class will affect him such as if he answered a question in a wrong way, he might get disappointed by himself and he might thing others are criticizing him, but in reality when he has a strong personality it means he will be confident most of the times and he will go after the certificate he wants or his goal with OUT letting anything interfere with his decision or stops him from reaching his goals.

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Happiness can be everywhere

Most people if not  every person wants to find happiness. People most of the times think of happiness that comes from big things such as changing the country they are living in. They forget the simple, very important things in life that could bring happiness too, such as hearing water running down from a fountain or bird’s sounds and their beauty. Being with kids, I discovered, the younger the kid’s age is the  happier I am become. I think I feel that feeling because I feel happiness is simple,

Happiness can be found in simple  things :

  • Running  water fountain ( small things)
  • Seeing birds or interacting with animals
  • Good weather
  • Flowers and other natural environment
  • Family being safe and happy

Big things: 

  1. Trying to reach a goal.
  2. Getting the results of your actoions that you had been doing for the past months, they are the results you hoped for.
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الناس ليس مرئاتك

الطريقة التي تعتقد ان الناس يجب ان بتعاملوا بها في موقف معين هي الطريقه او التصرف الذي انت ستتصرف به بما يخص هذا  الوضع او المشكلة ، و ليس بالضروري ان تكون فكرتك في كيفية طريقة الاخرين في التصرف هي نفس طريقتك. غالبا عندما تعتقد ان الاخرين سيتعاملوا مع حدث معين باسلوب معين هذا يعني ( انت ) كانسان تفترض ان الاخرين لديهم نفس افكارك و نفس اسلوبك بالتعامل مع الحياة و المشاكل المختلفه لكن في الحقيقه هذه الفكرة ليس صحيحة.

الناس و طريقة تعاملهم بشتي ظروف الحياة ، ليس مرئاتك هم لا يفكرون ولا يتصرفون بنفس طريقتك انت فكل شخص عنده اسلوبه المختلف في التعامل. الطريقة أو الإسلوب الذي تعتقد انه مناسب لك ليحل مشاكلك أو ليوصلك لهدفك ليس بالضرورة انه سيناسب الأخرين .

كل شخص لديه تجارب مختلفه في الحياة عن الاخرين بغض النظر عن ما نوع  الصلة بينهم، فيجب ان لا تفترض يآيها القارئ  العزيز ان الأخرين سيكون ردود افعالهم نفس الذي تصدر منك.

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My inspiration room experience

I always  had an idea that  my room is like my whole world, because I spend most my day in it that is the reason I always wanted to feel motivated and actually get work done.

I watched videos on the internet about inspiring boards and their effect, I liked the idea but I changed it a little. I did not do as they said ( make an inspiring board ) On 8 October 2018 I had printed quotes from the internet, in Arabic and English languages, since I know both,  to encourage me to do different stuff and  have hope, happiness. I had pasted them all over room’s walls. They are from famous arabic and english writers, some quotes were from kids movies and there are some quotes from television series that I love, they could be in any category you like.

Since 11 october , because I am reading the quotes regularly when I enter my room I feel hope and happiness and most of the times I have creative thoughts such as writing a new article or better ways to improve my life.

I think the messages that I get from the inspiration quotes on my room walls help me unconsciously to let my brain to think according to the messages that  I had printed and even if the world or my life had sad news, it did not really effect my deep feelings because I know whenever I go to my place I can just read the inspiring quotes on the walls.

I had put separate kind of quotes on different walls, it depends where do I stare usually and at what time of the day I sit in that place, such as under the window ( I usually open the curtains in the morning I have quotes about starting a new day. On the wall behind my desk are paragraph about writing , goals, hard work and not giving up and beside the rom door is about focusing on new opportunities.

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Beauty saloon and life as a girl

  1. What defines beauty ?
  2. Do you think we as people should live according to the society beauty standards?
  3. Who puts them ?

From a young age I liked going to saloons to take care of my appearance such as hair and nails. There are sometimes I go there just  to feel happy afterwards. Most of the times I think that I feel those feelings because all the advertisements that shows a girl looks happier after she went to a hair saloon.

I am NOT against going to  hair saloons or lady’s hair saloons, in fact I love going there, but sometimes  I wonder if our actions are really based on our personality one hundred percent or is there other things such as advertisements that might change our thoughts? Such as where is the harm of letting a women’s grey hair grow and not colouring it in the saloon once a month or something like that or at home,  I get it, how a woman likes to look pretty all the times  even if she is covering her hair with a hijab but sometimes I think it might get expensive for a woman to go regularly to saloons and I think going regularly to saloons l might let that girl to not accept her natural appearance.

I like you read your opinions on this topic.

  • Do the advertisements control our behaviours?
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مشاكل الحياة و الحل

في بعض الاحيان المشاكل التي تحصل في حياة الانسان تكون معقدة او صعب حلها تماما كبكرة خيوط مشتربكه مع بعض ، غالبا الحل يكون في سحب طرف الخيط الصحيح  و لكن ممكن ان يكون الوضع في الوهلة الاولى، ان الوضع صعب .

مع اصرار و استمرار الانسان في السعي لحل المشكله و هي سحب الخيط ، غالبا سيتوصل للحل الصحيح. في رأي هذه الطريقة تنطبق على حل اغلب مشاكل الحياة اذا كنا قادرين ان نفكر بهدوء و عقلانية فسوف نتوصل لحل مشاكل حياتنا ، انا و انتم، مهما كانت معقدة .

مشاكل حياة الانسان غالبا تحتاج الى اهتمام و عدم التسرع في الحل لكي تتجنب صنع مشكلة او عقدة جديدة في الخيط و الحياة.

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My experience with both phones

From years I hear some groups of people talk about how wonderful it is to have either an iPhone and Android phone. I had a black berry since it was new thing then I switched to an android phones for years. I had three or four Android phones throw out the years. Whenever a person says to me to buy a new phone (another brand) I just refuse, because it (Android phone ) had many details I am used to and some I love till now.

Recently my phone’s screen was broken a little and its charger stops working after few months, so my phone service provider got lucky because usually I do not free on any promotion because I do not want to change my phone, in the promotion was an iPhone include with it. Usually whenever my provider tells me about any premonition, I do not take it but this time I really listened to him and I agreed, there was sometimes I changed my mind because the fact I am used to an Android system for a long time. Now after about a month I notice the differences between an iPhone 8 and galaxy.

Here I will share with you the differences between the two systems that I noticed while using them: 


Has shortcuts are from everywhere such as screenshots can be taken from side folder or from pressing real buttons. ( that one I love, because sometimes I do not press the right bottom to take a screenshot)

I can change the colour of a folder, easier to find things without reading the folder’s name.


Screenshots can only be taken by pressing actual buttons,multiple buttons in the same time. I have an iPad and I like how they both can get notified in the same time such as calls, if i am using my iPad and i got a call on my phone, there will be a message on the iPad to tell me about the call. The apps can be downloadable in both devices, most of the times, that’s the reason there is not a lot of new things I have to get used to.

I like to read your thoughts on those smart phones and other smart phones, as you can see I used an iPhone just months ago, that is the reason I do not have a lot of experience using it.


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Plans for your life

It is always great to see your plan A, becoming a reality but sometimes in life, the person’s first plan do not really work or he does not get the results he wants in his life. This is the reason a person should always have a plan B or a back up plan, ready to use or he can work on it at anytime. There are sometimes I think the more options or plans a person has for his life is the better, not just two plans such as (First plan, second plan, third plan ) he should figure out plans as many as he can if the first plan he has do not work out.

Off course plans do not work in a person’s life until he acts towards them. A person should not get board from starting all over again because there could be a missed opportunity he had missed that he could get the things or results he wants.

Most of the times if not all of the times, a plan helps a person to reach his life goals when he really stick to his plan. I imagine my plans as my helpers to do or have the results that I want.

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Life, the way I see it

I feel there are some unwritten rules about how we as people have to live our lives,  for example a person has to go to school from early age till he finish university even if he feels he cannot, then he is expected to have a job. If a person did not get the chance to live his own life in that way ( a way most people live their lives by) then others may  think there should be something wrong with him or his life, that idea may let the others think they have the right to decide how he lives his own life and it may let him feel he is living in jail.

I truly think it is unfair! 

I think each person should be able to live his life in the way he thinks its suitable for himself if it is not controlling or harming other people’s lives. Life should be an adventure with some planing involve. Each person should feel he is free to do anything he wants  n life, such as if  he wants to study, work, be a writer or anything else, he should decide for himself, not other people.

I think each person is free when he was born, there is no reason to put him in exceptions since he was born till the day he dies. Freedom should be in every part of a person’s life in order to be truly free.  My thought is whenever a person does or decide he do a certain behaviour muse to please other people, that means he is not free. A person’s success in his life should only be decided based on his own ideas and feelings by himself.


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الفرق بين الاستسلام و الصبر

هناك فرق كبير بين الاستسلام و الصبر لكن للأسف هناك من تختلط المفاهيم عنده.

المعنى الحقيقي للصبر هو: بعد ما يفعل الانسان كل ما بوسعه و ينتظر النتيجة .

المعنى الحقيقي للاستسلام: عدم محاولة الانسان للوصول لهدفه او النتيجة التي كان يرغب فيها ومع ذلك لا يحاول ان يبذل اَي مجهود  و غالبا يكون غير راضي بالوضع و يائس.

بعض الناس ممكن ان يقولوا ان الاستسلام يتكون اذا الانسان لديه مصيبه في حياته و حاول ان يحلها ولكنه لا يستطيع  لكن في رأئي اذا هذا الشخص كان يسعى و يبحث عن حلول لمشكلته فهذا لا يعد استسلام ولو أخذ وقت طويل جدا لحل المشكلة او تخطي الصعوبات التي في حياته.

غالبا الصبر رمز للقوه، كما في المثال التالي: اذا الانسان كانت لديه مشكله و حاول جميع الطرق لحلها و لكن لم يفلح، عليه ان يصبر حتي تتيح له الفرصه ليستغلها و يحل مشكلته  على عكس الاستسلام.

الاستسلام غالبا يكون رمز للسلبيه فاذا واجه الانسان مشكلة ولكن لا يحاول حلها فهذا يعد استسلام ، في بعض الاحيان الضئيلة الاستسلام خيار جيد و لا ينظر إليه بنظرة سلبية.

اختيار الصبر قرار سليم عندما يكون الانسان يعرف النتيجة او الهدف الذي يريد الوصول له و بعد ما فعل كل المطلوب منه فليس لديه خيار الا الصبر حتى يره نتائج افعاله، مثال : الانسان اذا كان لديه اختبار، عليه ان يذهب للاختبار و هو فاهم الدرس من قبل و يحل الامتحان و ثم عليه ان يصبر و ينتظر ظهور نتيجته .

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