Have new adventures

Sometimes a person may feel boredom in his life and begins to think about making huge changes, things he cannot afford doing again in the next few years. It is true huge difference in a person’s life matter but also the little daily things matters even more, they really can make a difference in life.

I think most of the times when a person feels bored in his life, it is because its time to start discovering new things, new hobbies, skills he could even start learning new things he could apply in his life, carrier and even he may start his own business.

When a person learns new things, new skills and masters them, he could benefit from them and might have a new perspective. Trying new things gives a person new experiences and new things to have a conversation about. I think as a person experience new things, his conversations with others may change such as if he went to a new event he went to it this one time, he could tell others about it and they may be curios about it, specially if it was a happy event such as going to a football match for the first time.

Your life most likely won’t change if you do not try to do new things. Life is an adventure, you can make it  good, helpful or let the adventure destroys you. Learn new skills to change your life.

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Dose it represent yourself?

I recently been thinking about some people’s social media do not represent their life. I know it do not have to, but I think pretending to be someone else all the day is exhausting, the thing I recently noticed and it took me by surprise, I needed some days to reflect or think about it before I write about in this website.

I notice some people may behave in a certain way in the real life but they act the opposite on social media, on their personal accounts. I do understand that some people like to create or draw a certain personality, in front of others in real life and on social media to get certain amount and kind of respect but I think it is over used. For example there are some people are understanding in conversations and accept to listen to the other and opposite opinion on social media places but when they are confronted in real life, they behave in the opposite way. I think that behavior is really ridiculous.

Here are some questions for you to help you discover if your personal account reflect your personality or not:

  1. Are you showing the truth to others ?

  2. Dose your social media accounts show the real you, the words and photos, pictures and videos you post ?

  3. Are they just there to show others a “fake”, improved version of yourself?

  4. Do you behave in social media as you would behave in real life ?

I do see the reasons when business accounts behave in that way and I think they have too. What I am writing about here is not business accounts. I meant the personal accounts. I think since the account is for personal use, it at least should show the TRUE and positive sides of a person’s life if the owner of the account wants to, but it should be true. Such as if a person always say in videos and writes about forgiving others he, she should apply that idea in the real life, if a person did not do the thing or ideas that it is in the accounts, it most likely means that person is not real to himself and his followers!

Sometimes a person may treat each social media platform slightly different because there are some accounts are privet and others are not, that dose not always mean a person is lying to others but it is similar when a person goes out with some group of friends and then goes out with different people, most likely the topics they talked about are ( in both groups) are different.

Here is my last question:

  1. Dose your personal social media accounts really represent yourself to others, your thoughts and things you like?
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كيفية إستغلال أوقات الفراغ

في بعض الأحيان الناس يقولون في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع لديهم خطط معينه ولكن عندما يحين الوقت، لا يفعلون أي شيء منها. أعتقد    لأن لديهم الكثير من الخطط فيشعرون كأنهم محاصرين من كل جانب، ولا يمكنهم فعل أي شيء.

 في بعض الأحيان الإنسان ليس لديه أفكار عن كيفية إستمتاع بوقته بمفرده. سأذكر لكم بعض الطرق لكم للإستفادة بوقت الفراغ

١. قضاء الوقت في شيئ مهم، كالجلوس مع العائله لوقت أطول من المعتاد

٢.  قراءة الكتب المهمه و التي كنت تتمنى قرائتها من قبل لكن لم تكن تملك الوقت الكافي

 ٣.  مشاهدة البرامج المفظله و المفيده و هناك عدة برامج علـى شبكة الإلكترونيه

٤. الإستماع الى برامج الكتب مثل الكتب الصوتيه أو برنامج يترجم و يلخص الكتب و هذا هو المفضل لدي

 ٥. قرائة مواضيع متنوعة في الجرائد أو في الالشبكة الإلكترونية

٦٠ إعادة قرآة كتب قد قريتها في الماضي البعيد

أو ممكن للشخص محاولة إكتشاف مواهبه و هواياته من جديد، فممكن يكتشف أشياء جديده عن نفسه كان لا يعرف عنها شيء مثل هواية  العزف على آلى مسيقية و ليس بالضرورة تكون الهوايه بحاجة الى انفاق الكثير من المال عليها  فهي موجودة لإسعاد الشخص بطريقة أو بأخرى.

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Most people like to fit in with others. I think this kind of behavior demolishes the uniqueness a person has and that is sad. I think whenever a person try to copy others in any way, he is wasting his time, I think most likely he does not know the impact he has.


There are certain things I noticed some people are behaving in, I have other ideas about them.

  • Complaining; I do not like it because most of the times it dose not  help solve the issue.  Complaining should only used if a person really wants/ needs to hear other useful opinions about a specific subject, not just to attract attention because it comes across as petty.
  • Be you, do not go after a goal just because most people did. Most of the times it is tough for a person to show others his real self but this dose not mean he/she do not be herself in front of others. I mean if a person is interested in something most people are not interested in, he should not feel ashamed or shy about it and he should never try to hide his true self just because he thinks in a different way than most people he knows 

Think of these ideas:

Why be simller to everyone else?

Work on yourself, improve yourself, in your own timeline not according to others


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The art of communication

Conversation; At least two people are sharing some information equally.

Speech: most of the times,only person is speaking.

I love when people put feelings in theirs way of speaking, such as when a person tells others something with excitement, the audience can feel the excitement he had felt because of his voice tone, as he lets his voice be little higher, the listeners will likely be more interested and excited to hear what is the next thing he will say.

That above example is different then screaming or shouting.

I think there are special occasions a person may need to say a speech but I think for not formal occasions; people being together and a person starts a speech, it is rude and disrespectful for others especially if they were not asked.

I noticed sometimes if people are in a group then, a person say something about a topic then continuously talks non stop. I think it is not polite behavior, just to ignore anybody.

There are some situations, the talking is always from one person only, he, do not let others say their opinion because he is in a rush to talk. Most of those times I get nervous because I think that they person is not trying to keep up the conversation but turning it to a speech and not considering other people’s rights and feelings.

I personally do not like speeches except if the situation needs it because they usually serve only one thing and do not show others (the speaker’s ) real personality due to its being pre- planned. I think they are very good for graduating for example.

What about you? What are your thoughts?

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Planing a new you


A feeling a person has, usually comes with a thoughts of something he/ she really wants to happen, most of the times that person do not think in rational way but that dose NOT mean he /she is wrong.


Thinking of the future with reasoning thinking and having the present events on your mind.

   Most of the times, at the beginning of every year people talk about the things they will do and that is a good thing, but I think they usually over estimates their abilities and that is the reason people usually get disappointed from themselves. I think people either over estimate their abilities or under estimate the length of one full year.

I think people, included me should be more realistic when planing their new year. If they did not change any behavior in the past year,most likely they won’t have drastic change in their lives, in one year. I am not suggesting people lose hope. I do not agree with that idea at all.

I think there is a difference between being realistic, having hope or just hopeless. Sadly most people merge the two meanings as one. I think it is great thing to have hope as long as a person do not mix hope with his expectations, especially about himself.

In my opinion, it  is a good thing to have hope about everything in life but I think a person needs to be realistic when planing the way of living for the new year. I like planing for long trim. I think when  a person  except too much from himself, he most likely will get disappointment. I think when a person is realistic with his planing, he plans what he really capable, to do in one year, he won’t be discourage or disappointment.

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انت بادر أولا

،‪ في الأونه الأخيره لاحظت غالبا الناس يظهرون ردود افعالهم اكثر من ان هم يبادرون و كأن يجب على الجميع ان لا يبادرون بطرح افكارهم، أو ممنوع عليهم ان يبادرون لكن يجب عليهم ان يظهرون للاخرين ردود افعالهم اتجاه مواضيع مختلفة . عندما يبادرالشخص  بطرح افكارة ، فهو يضيف تنوع جديد من الأحاديث و الواضيع المتنوعة ولكن  إذا كل انسان فقد يظهر ردود افعاله اتجاه الآخرين و احداث الحياة فهو لن يضيف شيئ  أو افكار جديدة وغالبا يكون نوع الطرح ممل، غير جاذب للاخرين لأنه لم يصنع رأيه بنفسه أو يظيف شيء جديد .

التأثربالاخرين ليس بالظرورة شيئ سيئ، ممكن ان يكون العكس لكن في اعتقادي اذا الإنسان دائما ينتظر من الأخرين ان يفعلو له الاشياء فهو كطفل صغير لكن في جسم انسان كبير في العمر. مثلا اذا الانسان وقع في مشكله لكن لا يسعى لحلها و يلوم الاخرين فهو، فقط ينتظر من الاخرين حلها فهو لم يكبر بعد.لكن اذا الانسان الذي وقع في مشكله كان يسعى لحلها حتى لو في بعض الاحيان يلوم الناس الذين سببوا له المشكله فهو انسان مبادر في نظري لانه يبادر الى تحسين حياته .

ليكون لديك آفعال و ليس دائما ردة فعل

في اغلب الاحيان الافكار الجديدة لا تجد الكثير من الناس الذين يتقبلونها و هذا ممكن ان يسب عائق لدى بعض الناس فيمنعهم ان يشاركوا الاخرين افكارهم و مشاريعهم المستقبلية، لكن كل شخص له حياته و افكاره الخاصة التي يعتقد انها مناسبة له. اعندما الإنسان يشارك الاخرين افكاره و مشاريعه، يجب عليه أن لا يتحبط من كلامهم لأنهم لن يشعروا بمشاعره

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ما تشاركه ، يعتقدون أنه إلى الأبد

لاحضت في الاونه الاخيره عندما الانسان يكشف للاخرين قسم صغير جدا عن مواهبة او شخصيته او ارائه، سيعتقدون هذا الشيء ، هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي يقضي كل ايامه ، كمثال اذا علم الاخرين اني احب القرائه ، فانهم يعتقدون اني طول الوقت خلال السنه لا اعمل اي شيء ثاني كهواية سوى القراءة .

اعتقد هذا نوع من التفكير،غير منطقي ، لان الانسان يحتاج للتغير في يوميه و لو تغير بسيط و لهذا السبب اعتقد الانسان يحتاج الى التنوع في هواياته لان التنوع بالهواية تدفع الانسان للتفكير في طرق مختلفة و بالتالي سيتغير اسلوب و نوعية احاديثه . السبب الثاني: لان غالبا اذا الانسان لم يغير نوعية الاشياء و الاحاديث الذي يشاركها مع الاخرين، اعتقد الناس سيتجنبون الجلوس معه لان غالبا الناس يريدون يستمعون الى احدث الافكار و المواضيع او اشياء لم يكون لديهم علم بها من قبل.

الاحاديث، ما تشاركه مع الاخرين هو الشيء الذي يمكنهم التعرف عليك من خلاله فاذا الانسان فقط يشارك الاخرين الاحاديث من نوع الثقيل ( الاحاديث ذو وزن التي ممكن ان تغير حياة الاخرين للافضل) فانهم سيرونه انسان ذو قيمة و فكر لكن هذا لا يعني ان يجب عليه ان لا يبادر المرح لان هذا ايضا يعطيه نوع من الاحترام .

بجميع الاحوال يجب على الانسان ان لا يسمح للاخرين ان يصنعوا له صورته لديهم فهذا واجبه هو فقط .

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كبار الصغار

  لاحضت من فترة قصيرة، في ناس ينجذبون نحو الشكوى من كل شيئ، كالجو . برغم من علم الناس ان الشكوى لن تغيير شيئ. الشكوى يجب ان تكون للاشياء الذي لها قيمه في حياة الانسان و مستقبله التي تسيطر على حياته اليومية ويريد ان يجد حلا لها لكن لا يستطيع فيآخذ راى الاخرين.

اعتقد ان الناس ، الشباب و الكبار في السن يريدون جذب انتباه الأخرين لهم كالاطفال لكن هم كبار فيستخدمون المواضيع المختلفة و في بعض الاحيان تكون مستفزة لجذب انتباه الاخرين لهم. انا اعتقد لدى الكبار نفس احتياجات الاطفال من ناحية التعامل مع الاخرين لكن معقدة اكثر .الصغار ( الاطفال) غالبا لا يكون عندهم مشكلة ان يطلبوا ان يهتم بهم الاخرين، و هذا الطبع ليس موجود عند الكبار

لكن لاحضت في بعض الاحيان الناس يتكلمون في طريقة استفزازية طوال الوقت كانهم في حرب، لكن المفترض هم  يتجاذبون الاحاديث لمعرفة اخبار حياة كل شخص منهم و افكاره و يستمتعون بوقتهم و تنويع المعلومات لكل واحد عن كل موضوع دون   توتر و عصبية. في رأي هذا التصرف السابق  ممكن ان يكون من اسباب ابتعاد الناس عن التجمعات لان اغلب الناس عندما  يذهبون للتجمعات يريدون ان يقضوا وقت مرح و مفيد. .

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People are books

People are like books ,they are all  similar from the outside (their appearance) but their content are different. Most of the times, the deeper the reader reads in a book, it will be more interesting or in some cases a reader decide to stop reading a specific book because it is not interesting. The idea can be applied to any conversation too.

The depth of a conversation is not measured by the time it starts and finish, but by how it effect the people who are communicating, for example if the conversation is about things that do not really matter to a person or dose not effect his life, the conversation will still be shallow even if it took hours or more,but if a conversation is five minutes but it has the effect of changing the perspective to the better, I consider it a deep conversation.

I know most of the relationships start with shallow conversations but the problem in my opinion if the conversation stayed in that level forever, that means the people who are talking together are not really communicating. Communication is really important for any type of relationship.

I think a person should read many kind of books, books that talk about different subjects and a reader should read all kinds of books even ones that contains opposite ideas than the ones the reader has. I think this way let’s a person have strong opinions about different things in life and the reasons of why he has those specific opinion about any specific thing, he won’t be just copping others just because he is sitting with them.

Make sure your existing makes a difference for the better, in the place you are in.

I think people are should be similar to fiction books they tell others their opinions not like unification books, the try to tell fact all of the times.

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